SeeedStudio SD Card Shield V4 擴展板 seeed原廠

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它提供了您的Arduino一個存儲空間。用戶可以讀/通過的Arduino內置的SD庫寫入SD卡。它支持SD,SDHC和Micro SD卡。它只會佔用你的Arduino的SPI端口。


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SeeedStudio SD Card Shield V4 擴展板

這是新發布的 SeeedStudio SD Card Shield V4 擴展板。它提供了您的Arduino一個存儲空間。用戶可以讀/通過的Arduino內置的SD庫寫入SD卡。它支持SD,SDHC和Micro SD卡。它只會佔用你的Arduino的SPI端口。相較於以前的版本,它結合了標準的SD插槽和微型SD插槽成標準之一,包括適配器使使用的Micro SD卡。您可以堆疊,與未使用的引腳工作的其他盾牌。此外,預製I2C和UART接口方便與Grove 感測器連接。

SeeedStudio SD Card Shield V4 擴展板



  • 支持SD卡,SDHC卡和TF卡兼容
  • UART Grove和I2C連接兼容
  • 完全支持SD庫函數
  • 佔用端口最少,使用SPI端口
  • 可以直接插在Arduino上使用



項目 典型 馬克斯 單元
電壓 3.5 5 5.5 V
當前 0.159 100 200
支持的卡類型 SD卡(<= 32G); Micro SD卡(<= 32G); SDHC卡(<= 32G) /
尺寸 68.7×53.5×19.00 毫米
淨重 14.8 G


  • SD Card Shield V4 x1







SD Card Shield V4

This is the new-released SD card V4.0 shield. It provides a storage space for your Arduino. Users can read/write SD card via Arduino’s built-in SD library. It supports SD, SDHC and Micro SD cards. It will only occupy the SPI port of your Arduino. Comparing to previous versions, it combines the standard SD slot and the Micro SD slot into a standard one, the included adaptor enables using of Micro SD cards . You can stack on other shields that work with the unused pins. Additionally, the preformed I2C and UART port facilitate your connection with Grove modules.



  • Stand SD card、SDHC card and TF card compatible
  • UART Grove & I2C connection compatible
  • Fully supported SD Library
  • Minimal number of SPI port
  • Truly stackable


Item Min Typical Max Unit
Voltage 3.5 5.0 5.5 V
Current 0.159 100 200 mA
Supported Card Type SD card(<=32G); Micro SD card(<=32G); SDHC card(<=32G) /
Dimension 68.7×53.5×19.00 mm
Net Weight 14.8 g