Grove – MP3 V3 -Music Player 音樂播放器 seeed原廠

Grove – MP3 V3 -Music Player 音樂播放器 seeed原廠

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Grove – MP3 V3 -Music Player 音樂播放器 seeed原廠


如今,人們可以在手機,電腦或iPad上播放音樂,這很正常。作為一名極客,作為一名製作者,製作自己的音樂播放器簡直是小菜一碟。即使您是初學者,也可以藉助Grove-MP3 V3輕鬆製作自己的獨特音樂播放器。


顧名思義,Grove-MP3 V3是Grove-MP3 V2的升級版本。與Grove MP3 V2相比,V3增加了JST2.0揚聲器端口,因此您可以同時通過揚聲器和3.5毫米耳機輸出音頻。同時,我們進行了電平轉換工作,以使該模塊與3.3V和5V系統兼容,而V2僅支持5V。另外,我們在此模塊上添加了“播放/暫停”按鈕,以提供更舒適的控制體驗。同樣的價格,更完美的體驗!

我們提供了一個全功能的Arduino MP3庫,您可以使用自己喜歡的任何Arduino闆對此MP3模塊進行編程,輕鬆自如!



  • 支持MP3格式的音頻文件
  • 採樣率:8〜48KHz /比特率:8〜320Kbps
  • 支持最大32GB TF卡
  • 同時支持揚聲器和耳機輸出音頻
  • 與3.3V和5V平台兼容。
  • 支持32級音量調節



Grove MP3硬件


  • Grove – MP3 v3 x1
  • Grove連接線 x1






Grove – MP3 V3 -Music Player

The Walkman and iPod fade away, but the music will live long.

Nowadays people play music on their phones, computers or iPad, it’s normal but not cool. As a Geek, as a Maker, it’s a piece of cake to make your own Music Player. Even if you are a beginner, with the help of Grove – MP3 V3 you can make your own unique music player easily.

The Grove – MP3 is a 20x40mm super mini Music module based on WT2003S-20SS audio decoder. It supports high-quality MP3 format audio files with a sampling rate of 8~48KHz and a bit rate of 8~320Kbps. In order to expand the storage capacity, we added a TF card slot on the back of the module. TF card adopts DIO interface mode, supports up to 32GB, supports FAT16, FAT32 file system. Now with this little music module, you can carry hundreds and thousands of music in your pocket.

As the name indicates, the Grove – MP3 V3 is the upgraded version of Grove – MP3 V2. Compared with Grove MP3 V2, the V3 added a JST2.0 speaker port, so that you can output the audio via speaker and 3.5mm earphone at the same time. Meanwhile, we did the level shift work, to make this module be compatible with both 3.3V and 5V systems, while the V2 only supports 5V. One more thing, we added a Play/Pause button on this module to give you a more comfortable control experience. The same price, a more perfect experience!

We provide a full-function Arduino MP3 Library, you can program this MP3 module with any Arduino board you like, easy peasy!


  • Supports MP3 format audio files
  • Sampling rate: 8~48KHz / bit rate: 8~320Kbps
  • Support up to 32GB TF card
  • Support speaker and earphone output audio at the same time
  • Compatible with 3.3V and 5V platform.
  • Support 32-level volume adjustment

Hardware Overview

Grove MP3硬件