Grove – Infrared Reflective Sensor 紅外線循跡,循線,避障模組 v1.2 seeed原廠

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Grove – Infrared Reflective Sensor 紅外線循跡模組 循跡避障模塊  v1.2


Grove - Infrared Reflective Sensor v1.2


  • Grove兼容且易於使用
  • 高度敏感和可靠
  • 佔地面積小
  • 適用於不同場合的靈敏度
  • 內置指示燈LED
  • 通過電位計可調節閾值




工作電壓(V) 3.3-5V
工作電流(mA) 14.69-15.35毫安
有效的可檢測距離 4-15毫米
單色線的最小可檢測寬度 10mm
光電晶體管:峰值靈敏度波長 800納米
IR LED:峰值發光波長 940nm
數字輸出 0或VCC
反射光電傳感器 RPR-220



  • Grove – Infrared Reflective Sensor x1
  • Grove連接線 x1






Grove – Infrared Reflective Sensor v1.2

Grove – Infrared Reflective Sensor v1.2 can be used for detection of proximity and color of objects. The reflective photosensor – RPR220 used in this module consists of an infrared light emitting diode and a high –sensitivity phototransistor. Light-colored objects directly in front of the sensor will reflect more infrared light as well as generate more current in the phototransistor than an object with dark-colored surfaces, this can be tell from a built-in indicator LED which will turn red with sufficient flow of current. Also, the intensity of the reflective light increases as the object getting closer. You can adjust the potential-meter on the back of the board if you want to detect a specific object (eg. Black line) at a certain distance.

This sensor is a widely used in applications such as line-following robots, rotary speed detection, auto-data logging on utility meters or other situations where color or distance contrast is sharp.


  • Panel-mounting Grove interface
  • Digital output: 0 or VCC
  • Built-in indicator LED
  • Threshold adjustable via potentiometer
  • Power supply: 3.5 – 5.5V DC
  • Reflective Photosensor: RPR-220
  • Effective working distance: 4-15mm
  • Minimum detectable width for monochrome lines: 10mm
  • Connector: 4 pin Buckled Grove interface
  • Dimension: 20mm*20mm