Gravity: UART & I2C NFC Module 近場通訊模組 DFRobot原廠


Gravity: UART & I2C NFC Module 近場通訊模組 DFRobot原廠

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Gravity: UART & I2C NFC Module 近場通訊模組

採用NXP PN532進口高集成NFC通信芯片,支持市面上常見的各類MIFARE Classic S50/S70系列(即M1卡)和NTAG21x系列等工作頻率在13.56Mhz的NFC電子標籤或卡片。在繼承之前版本大PCB天線所帶來較大通信距離優點的基礎上,升級版採用Gravity標準的PH2.0-4P接口,除了讓接線更方便,在保留UART的基礎上額外複合了I2C,通過開關輕鬆切換兩種不同的接口,使用更靈活。當使用UART串口時,可以利用市面上常見的USB to UART轉換器和第三方上位機軟件輕鬆讀寫操作各類NFC卡。當使用I2C接口時,則可用於Arduino、micro:bit、FireBeetle ESP32、FireBeetle ESP8266等各類3V3/5V主控系統。

重力:UART和I2C NFC模塊 UART & I2C NFC Module



  • NXP進口高集成NFC通信芯片
  • UART & I2C複合接口,使用靈活
  • 支持各類主流NFC電子標籤或卡片
  • 兼容3.3V/5V控制器



  • 非接觸式支付系統
  • 藍牙和WiFi設備的鏈接
  • 分享聯繫人、照片和視屏等社交分享功能
  • 智能手機的NFC應用


  • 主芯片:NXP PN532
  • 供電電壓:3.3V ~ 5.5V
  • 通信接口:Gravity I2C & UART複合(PH2.0-4P,邏輯電平0-3.3V)
  • 串口波特率:115200 bps
  • I2C地址:0x48
  • 通信頻率:13.56MHz
  • 最大通信距離:不大於10mm,實際視標籤大小而定
  • 支持協議
    • 讀寫器模式:支持ISO/IEC 14443A、ISO/IEC 14443B、MIFARE協議、FeliCa協議
    • 卡仿真模式:支持ISO 14443A、MIFARE Classic 1K或4K、FeliCa協議
    • 點對點通信:ISO/IEC18092,ECM340
  • 尺寸:110×50 mm
  • 重量:20 g



  • 使用I2C接口時,將開關向IIC左撥。I2C接口主要用於與各類3.3V/5V主控板通信,通過編程控制。
  • 使用UART接口時,將開關向UART右撥。UART接口主要用於通過USB轉串口模塊與上位機通信,實現各類NFC智能標籤與卡的讀寫、複製、生成dump等操作,但也可以與各類3.3V/5V主控板通信,通過編程控制(這裡連線圖以Arduino Mega2560為例)。注意模塊的D/T與USB轉串口模塊的RXD,C/R與TXD相連。
  • 使用I2C接口時,將開關向IIC左撥。I2C接口主要用於與各類3.3V/5V主控板通信,通過編程控制。

  • 每次切換接口後,需要復位主控板才能正常通信。
  • 由於UNO僅有一個串口用於與PC通信,而其軟串口最高速度僅有38400,無法達到NFC模塊串口的115200,因此兩者無法通過串口通信,請換用I2C接口。
  • 芯片工作發熱屬正常情況,應避免覆蓋使用影響散熱。



  • Gravity:UART & I2C NFC近場通訊模塊 x1
  • Gravity-4P I2C/UART傳感器連接線 x1
  • 54-2P黑色直單排針         x1
  • 圓形可黏貼NFC標籤(M1卡相容) x1






Gravity: UART & I2C NFC Module

Gravity: UART & I2C NFC Module adopts NXP PN532, a highly integrated NFC communication controller, which supports various types of NFC smart cards or tags like the commonly used MIFARE Classic series and NTAG series in the market. Apart from the large PCB antenna design of better communication area and distance , the upgraded version joins the Gravity family by adopting a standard Gravity PH2.0-4P interface with I2C & UART composite rather than 2.54mm headers, making the wiring more convenient. A switch is added for conveniently switching between these two interfaces. When using the UART, you can easily read and write various NFC cards by using the common USB to UART converter and PN532 compatible PC software. When using the I2C interface, it can be used for various 3V3/5V controller such as Arduino, micro:bit, FireBeetle ESP32 and FireBeetle ESP8266.About NFC
Near Field Communication (NFC), also known as short-range wireless communication, is a short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology that allows non-contact point-to-point data transmission (within ten centimeters) to exchange data between electronic devices. . This technology evolved from contactless radio frequency identification (RFID) and is backward compatible with RFID. It was first developed by Sony and Philips, and is mainly used to provide M2M (Machine to Machine) communication in handheld devices such as mobile phones. Because of the natural security of near field communication, NFC technology is widely used in POS mobile payment, bus cards, bank cards, access cards, water cards and other occasions.Connection DiagramGravity: UART & I2C NFC Module IIC connection diagram (Arduino UNO)Gravity: UART & I2C NFC Module UART connection diagram (USB to UART+PC) Gravity: UART & I2C NFC Module UART connection diagram (MEGA2560)


  • NXP highly integrated NFC controller
  • Gravity I2C & UART composite interface, flexible use
  • Support various kinds of mainstream NFC smart cards or tags
  • Compatible with 3.3V/5V controller


  • Contactless payment system
  • Links for Bluetooth and WiFi devices
  • Social sharing features like contacts, photos, and videos
  • Smartphone NFC application


  • IC: NXP PN532
  • Input Voltage (VCC) : 3.3V~5.5V
  • Interface: Gravity I2C & UART (PH2.0-4P, Logic Level 0-3.3V)
  • UART Baud Rate: 115200 bps
  • I2C Address: 0x48
  • Communication Frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Maximum Communication Distance: ≥10mm,depend on the size of the NFC card/tag
  • Protocol Support:

Reader/Writer Mode: ISO/IEC 14443A, ISO/IEC 14443B, MIFARE, FeliCa

Card Emulation Mode: ISO 14443A/MIFARE Classic 1K or 4K, FeliCa

Peer-to-Peer: ISO/IEC18092, ECM340

  • Dimension: 110×50 mm / 4.33×1.97 in
  • Weight: 20 g



  • Gravity: UART & I2C NFC Module x1
  • Gravity-4P I2C/UART Sensor Wire x1
  • XH2.54-2P Black Header x1
  • MIFARE Classic NFC Tag Sticker (Round) x1