Seeeduino Lotus V1.1 – Arduino ATMega328 開發板 內建 Grove 接口


Seeeduino Lotus V1.1 – Arduino ATMega328 開發板 內建 Grove 接口

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Seeeduino Lotus V1.1 – Arduino ATMega328 開發板 內建 Grove 接口  2017 最新版本

一片 Seeeduino Lotus 等於 Arduino uno r3  + Base Shield , 不用在疊來疊去,一片搞定。

如果您有使用Seeed的Seeeduino板加上底座的經驗,那麼您會知道它是多麼容易,因為沒有跳線和焊接。為了使其更加方便,我們創建了Seeeduino Lotus V1.0,這是Seeeduino板和底座的2合1解決方案。事實證明, Seeeduino Lotus V1.0是非常受歡迎的,因為它結合了Seeeduino板和底座的優勢,也非常具有成本效益。這次我們想向您介紹新版本的Seeeduino Lotus V1.1。

Seeeduino Lotus V1.1 是V1.0版本的小型更新,我們只將USB總線轉換器芯片CH340更改為CP2102N,以使該板與Mac OS兼容。儘管有這種變化,該板仍然基於ATMEGA328P-MU,一款高性能,低功耗的8位AVR微控制器。它仍然是Arduino兼容的,具有豐富的外設,包括數字接口,模擬接口,I2C,SPI,UART。硬件的更新可能很小,而價格的降低是巨大的。即使硬件與V1.0版本幾乎相同,Seeeduino Lotus V1.1的價格幾乎是V1.0的一半。我們已經做了大量的成本下降工作來取得進展。結果是你會有更好的經驗和更多的錢。無論您使用的是Windows還是Mac OS,如果您想要快速方便地構建基於Arduino的內容,那麼該板就是最適合您的。

Seeeduino Lotus V1.1  - 帶有Grove接口的ATMega328板


  • 與Arduino UNO完全兼容
  • ATmega328微控制器
  • 板載12個Grove接口
  • 14個數字I / O引腳(6路PWM輸出)
  • 6模擬輸入
  • 有ISP接口
  • 與Arduino UNO-R3盾兼容
  • 使用Micro USB上傳代碼和供電
  • 5V工作電壓



微控制器 ATMEGA328P-MU
工作電壓 5V
數字I / O引腳 14
PWM通道 6
模擬輸入通道 7
每個I / O引腳最大直流電流 40毫安
Flash存儲 32 KB
內存 2 KB
時鐘頻率 16 MHz


  • Seeeduino Lotus x1





Seeeduino Lotus V1.1 – ATMega328 Board with Grove Interface

If you have experience using Seeed’s Seeeduino board plus a base shield, you would know how easy it is because there is no jumper wire and soldering. In order to make it more convenient, we created the Seeeduino Lotus V1.0, a 2 in 1 solution of Seeeduino board and base shield. It turns out Seeeduino Lotus V1.0 is very welcome because it combines the advantages of Seeeduino board and base shield and also very cost effective. This time we’d like to introduce the new version, Seeeduino Lotus V1.1 to you.

Seeeduino Lotus V1.1 is a small update of the V1.0 version, we only changed the USB bus converter chip CH340 to CP2102N in order to make this board more compatible with Mac OS. Despite this change, the board is still based on ATMEGA328P-MU, a high performance, low power 8-Bit AVR Microcontroller. It is still Arduino compatible and has rich peripherals including digital interface, analog interface, I2C, SPI, UART.

The update of hardware might be small, while the reduction of price is huge. Even though the hardware is almost the same to the V1.0 version, the price of Seeeduino Lotus V1.1 is almost half of the V1.0. We have made a lot of cost down work to make this progress. The result is that you will have better experience and save more money. No matter you are using Windows or Mac OS, if want to build something based on Arduino quickly and conveniently, this board is the best for you.


  • Combination of Seeeduino and base shield.
  • Arduino UNO Compatible
  • On-board Grove connector
  • Mac OS compatible.
  • Cost effective

Technical details

Dimensions 0mm x0mm x0mm
Weight G.W 21g
Battery Exclude
Microcontroller ATmega328P-MU
Operating Voltage 5V
DC Current per I/O Pin 40 mA
Flash Memory 32 KB (ATmega328P-MU)
RAM 2 KB (ATmega328P-MU)
EEPROM 1 KB (ATmega328P-MU)
Clock Speed 16 MHz
Digital Interface D2,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7
Analog Interface A0,A2,A4,A6
Other I2C *2, SPI, UART

Part List

Seeeduino Lotus V1.1 1