Humidity Sensor Breakout – HIH-4030 濕度感測器/傳感器 SparkFun原廠

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這是霍尼韋爾HIH-4030濕度傳感器的分線板。 HIH-4030測量相對濕度(%RH)並將其作為模擬輸出電壓輸出。 您可以將傳感器的輸出直接連接到微控制器上的ADC; 並且,由於傳感器接近線性電壓輸出,數據非常易於處理。


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Humidity Sensor Breakout – HIH-4030 溫度感測器/傳感器

這是霍尼韋爾HIH-4030濕度傳感器的分線板。 HIH-4030測量相對濕度(%RH)並將其作為模擬輸出電壓輸出。 您可以將傳感器的輸出直接連接到微控制器上的ADC; 並且,由於傳感器接近線性電壓輸出,數據非常易於處理。

施加到電源引腳的電壓應該在4-5.8VDC之間,最好在5V。 傳感器通常只消耗約200μA。

該產品如圖所示,HIH-4030焊接在分線板上。 3針插頭的引腳間隔0.1“。

SparkFun Humidity Sensor Breakout - HIH-4030


  • 近線性模擬輸出
  • 4-5.8VDC電壓供應
  • 所有引腳分離為0.1英寸間距的接頭
  • 激光修剪互換性
  • 低功耗設計,典型電流消耗僅為200μA
  • 提高準確性
  • 快速的響應時間
  • 穩定,低漂移性能
  • 尺寸0.75×0.30“(19.05×7.62mm)





This is a breakout board for Honeywell’s HIH-4030 humidity sensor. The HIH-4030 measures relative humidity (%RH) and delivers it as an analog output voltage. You can connect the output of the sensor directly to an ADC on a microcontroller; and, thanks to the sensor’s near linear voltage output, the data is very easy to process.

Voltage applied to the supply pins should be within 4-5.8VDC, and optimally at 5V. The sensor will typically only consume about 200μA.

This product comes as shown in the picture, with the HIH-4030 soldered onto the breakout board. The pins of the 3-pin header are spaced by 0.1″.


  • Near linear, analog output
  • 4-5.8VDC voltage supply
  • All pins broken out to a 0.1″ pitch header
  • Laser trimmed interchangeability
  • Low power design, typical current draw of only 200μA
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Fast response time
  • Stable, low drift performance
  • 0.75 x 0.30 ” (19.05 x 7.62 mm)