Analog pH Meter Pro Sensor 模擬檢測 PH值(專業版) 相容Arduino DFRobot原廠

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Gravity: Analog pH Meter Pro Sensor 模擬檢測 PH值(專業版) 相容Arduino DFRobot原廠

Analog pH Meter Pro sensor 是一款專門為Arduino控制器設計的專業版模擬pH計,採用工業線上電極,具有連線簡單、方便實用、壽命長、可長期線上監測等特點。板載電源指示燈、BNC介面和PH2.0介面。



Ag/AgCl與凝膠電解質鹽橋組成的參比系統具有穩定的半電池電位和優良的抗污染性能,環行聚四氟乙烯隔膜不易阻塞,可長期線上檢測。 本pH計非常適合需要長期線上監測的場合。



PH meter connection1 (1).png


  • 模組電源:+5.00V
  • 模組尺寸:43mmx32mm
  • 測量範圍:0-14PH
  • 測量溫度:0-60℃
  • 精度:±0.1pH(25℃)
  • 回應時間:≤1min
  • 工業線上pH感測器(BNC介面)
  • PH2.0介面(3腳貼片)
  • 增益調節電位器
  • 電源指示燈


  • 工業線上pH感測器(BNC介面) 1個
  • pH感測器電路板 1塊
  • 模擬連接線 1條





Gravity: Analog pH Sensor / Meter Pro Kit For Arduino

This is a professional Arduino pH Sensor Meter Kit with industrial electrode. It has built-in simple, convenient , practical connection and long life (up to 1 year), which makes it very suitable for long term online monitoring. It has an LED which works as the Power Indicator, a BNC connector and PH2.0 sensor interface. To use it, just connect the pH sensor with BND connector, then plug the PH2.0 interface into the analog input port of any Arduino controller. If programmed , you will get the pH value easily.You may also check Liquid Sensor Selection Guide to get better familar with our liquid sensor series.
This industrial pH electrode is made of sensitive glass membrane with low impedance. It can be used in a variety of PH measurements with fast response and excellent thermal stability. It has good reproducibility, is difficult to hydrolysis, and can eliminate basic alkali error. In 0pH to 14pH range, the output voltage is linear.The reference system which consist of the Ag/AgCl gel electrolyte salt bridge has a stable half-cell potential and excellent anti-pollution performance. The ring PTFE membrane is not easy to be clogged, so the electrode is suitable for long-term online detection.
Note: After you received your package! You may found some white particles on the protection foam which is the KCl crystallization from the cap. Please don’t worry about the crystallization in the packing box, that’s normal. Actually, since the transportation restriction on liquid, we have poured out the KCL3N solution in the cap, the slight crystallization in the packing box should be leaked since the remnant. Anyway, once you received the probe, you should store it in KCL3N solution, you can not leave it in dry circumstance.


  • Water Quality Surveillance
  • Aquaculture


  • Module Power : 5.00V
  • Module Size : 43mmx32mm(1.70″x1.26″)
  • Measuring Range :0-14PH
  • Measuring Temperature :0-60 ℃
  • Accuracy : ± 0.1pH (25 ℃)
  • Response Time : ≤ 1min
  • Industry pH Electrode with BNC Connector
  • PH2.0 Interface ( 3 foot patch )
  • Gain Adjustment Potentiometer
  • Power Indicator LED



  • Industry pH electrode(BNC connector) x1
  • pH sensor circuit board x1
  • Analog cable x1