Grove – Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Gas Sensor 溫濕度 壓力 氣體 感測器 seeed原廠


Grove – Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Gas Sensor 溫濕度 壓力 氣體 感測器 seeed原廠

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Grove – Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Gas Sensor 溫濕度 壓力 氣體 感測器


溫濕度 壓力 氣體 感測器

溫濕度 壓力 氣體 感測器


  • 4合1,用於多次測量
  • 低消費
  • 測量範圍廣
  • 可選輸出:可以獨立啟用/禁用各個濕度,壓力和氣體傳感器


  • 室內空氣質量
  • 家庭自動化和控制
  • 物聯網設備
  • 天氣預報
  • GPS增強(例如,首次修復時間,航位推算,斜率檢測)
  • 室內導航(改變樓層檢測,電梯檢測)
  • 垂直速度指示(風險/下沉速度)

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外形尺寸 40mmx20mmx7mm
重量 GW 9.1g
電池 排除
工作電壓 3.3V / 5V
工作範圍 -40〜+ 85℃; 0-100%rH; 300-1100hPa
濕度絕對準確度 ±3%rH(20-80%rH,25℃)
濕度分辨率 0.008%rH
壓力絕對精度 ±0.6 hPa(300-1100 hPa,0-65℃)
壓力分辨率 0.18 Pa
溫度絕對精度 ±0.5℃(25℃,At,25);±1℃(0-65℃,At,滿)
溫度分辨率 0.01℃
數字接口 I2C(最高3.4MHZ)/ SPI(3線和4線,最高10MHz)
I2C地址 0x76(默認)/ 0x77(可選)


Grove – 溫度,濕度,壓力和氣體傳感器(BME680)x1
Grove線材 x1







Grove – Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Gas Sensor

The Grove-Temperature&Humidity&Pressure&Gas Sensor(BME680) is a multiple function sensor which can measure temperature, pressure, humidity and gas at the same time. It is based on the BME680 module. The 4-in-1 function is integrated on such a small module, it will be very beneficial to apply on IOT or GPS devices.


We’ve released the Seeed Gas Sensor Selection Guide, it will help you choose the gas sensor that best suits your needs.


  • 4-in-1 for multiple measurement
  • low consumption
  • Wide measurement range
  • Optional output:Individual humidity, pressure and gas sensors can be independently enabled/diabled

Typical Applications

  • Indoor air quality
  • Home automation and control
  • IOT device
  • Weather forecast
  • GPS enhancement(e.g. time-to-first-fix improvement, dead reckoning, slope detection)
  • Indoor navigation(change of floor detection, elevator detection)
  • Vertical velocity indication(risk/sink speed)


Technical details

Dimensions 40mm x20mm x7mm
Weight G.W 9.1g
Battery Exclude
Operating Voltage 3.3V/5V
Operating Range -40~+85℃; 0-100% r.H.; 300-1100hPa
Humidity Absolute Accuracy ± 3%r.H. (20-80 %r.H.,25℃)
Humidity Resolution 0.008 %r.H.
Pressure Absolute Accuracy ± 0.6 hPa (300-1100 hPa, 0-65℃)
Pressure Resolution 0.18 Pa
Temperature Absolute Accuracy ± 0.5℃ (25℃, At,25); ± 1℃ (0-65℃, At,full)
Temperature Resolution 0.01℃
Digital Interface I2C(up to 3.4MHZ)/ SPI(3 and 4 wire, up to 10MHz)
I2C address 0x76(default)/ 0x77(optional)

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