Grove – LED Strip Driver LED 燈條驅動模組 seeed原廠

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帶有4針Grove接口的LED燈條驅動器可輕鬆連接到標準Arduino器件或Seeed Stalker。它可以幫助您控制單色LED燈條的亮度,以及通過Arduino或Seeeduino控制RGB LED燈條的顏色和亮度。


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Grove – LED Strip Driver LED 燈條驅動模組

帶有4針Grove接口的LED燈條驅動器可輕鬆連接到標準Arduino器件或Seeed Stalker。它可以幫助您控制單色LED燈條的亮度,以及通過Arduino或Seeeduino控制RGB LED燈條的顏色和亮度。
它有2個終端和2個Grove接口。LED燈條的電源通過2針端子進入。LED控制電壓通過4針端子輸出。2 Grove接口分別以“IN”(用於控制數據輸入)和“OUT”(用於控制與下一個條帶驅動器共享的數據)進行絲網印刷。
它可以驅動1至2米長,9 V,1至5米長,12 V的LED燈條。驅動器與彩色LED燈條一起為室內或室外使用增添了美妙的效果。
Grove - LED燈條驅動器


  • Grove兼容接口
  • 可以級聯以獲得更大的顯示屏
  • 使用5米長或更短的LED燈條可獲得最佳效果
  • 輸出PWM信號
  • 256個灰度級可通過編程調整
  • Arduino和MEGA兼容
  • 螺釘端子(電源輸入和控制信號輸出接口)



  • Grove – LED Strip Driver x1
  • Grove連接線 x1






Grove – LED Strip Driver

The LED Strip Driver with 4-pin Grove interface provides easy connectivity to your standard Arduino device or Seeed Stalker. It can help you control the luminance of a single-color LED strip, as well as the color and the luminance of an RGB LED strip through Arduino or Seeeduino.
It has 2 terminals and 2 Grove interfaces. The power for the LED strip comes in through the 2-pin terminal. And the LED controlling voltages output through the 4-pin terminal. The 2 Grove interfaces are respectively screen-printed “IN” (for controlling data input) and “OUT” (for controlling data shared with the next strip driver).
It can drive an LED strip 1 to 2 meters long with 9 V, while 1 to 5 meters long with 12 V. The driver in conjunction with the colorful LED strips can add a wonderful effect to indoor or outdoor usages.
  • Grove compatible interface
  • Can be cascaded for a larger display
  • Best results achieved with LED strips 5 meters long or shorter
  • Outputs PWM signals
  • 256 gray-levels are adjustable via programming
  • Arduino and MEGA compatible
  • Screw Terminals (power input and control signal output interface)