Grove – LCD RGB Backlight RGB 全彩背光 炫彩背光LCD 模組 seeed原廠

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Grove – LCD RGB Backlight – RGB 全彩背光 炫彩背光 LCD

Grove – LCD RGB Backlight 是一款16×2的LCD顯示器。如果你之前使用過Grove – Serial LCD, 那麼你應該對1602的LCD不會陌生,不同的是Grove – LCD RGB Backlight採用了RGB的背光燈. Grove – LCD RGB Backlight內部使用低功耗CMOS技術的AIP31068L作為控制晶片. 整個模塊使用I2C的通信方式,只需兩個IO口即可完成控制,省下來的IO,你可以用來做更多有意義的事情。支援用戶自定義字元,想在LCD上打出一個愛心?這只是一件很簡單的事情。另外,多彩的RGB背光,使你的應用更加奪目絢麗。Grove – LCD RGB Backlight 採用標準的4pin Grove 介面,可以方便的和Arduino 連接,這是你在一些只需要顯示少量資訊的場合的最佳選擇。

Grove - LCD RGB Backlight


  • 具有RGB背光顯示的功能
  • I2C總線連接
  • 內部設置有英文字體
  • 16×2 LCD背光屏
  • 自動上電複位
  • 高對比度,在陽光直射下清晰可見


輸入電壓 5V
工作電流 <60毫安
CGROM 10880位
CGRAM 64×8位



Grove的引腳 - LCD RGB背光



  • Grove – LCD RGB Backlight x1
  • Grove連接線 x1






Grove – LCD RGB Backlight

Grove – LCD RGB Backlight is a full-color backlight 16×2 LCD. High contrast and ease of use make it a perfect I2C LCD display for Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

The traditional 1602 LCD requires up to 10 I/O pins to display, and the 1602 LCD with RGB backlight requires an extra 3 pins to control the backlight color. This will take up a lot of I/O pins on the main control board, especially for development boards with less I/O resources such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Grove – LCD RGB Backlight makes it totally different! With the help of Grove I2C connector, only 2 signal pins and 2 power pins are needed. You don’t even need to care about how to connect these pins. Just plug it into the I2C interface on Seeeduino or Arduino/Raspberry Pi+baseshield via the Grove cable. No complicated wiring, no soldering, no need to worry about burning the LCD caused by the wrong current limiting resistor. Easy peasy.

What’s more, this LCD module is not only a character LCD but also can display your DIY images, such as a heart and a smiling face. 16×2 means two lines and each line have 16 columns, 32 characters in total. Each character contains 5*8 pixels. You can check here to make your own images array, just release your creativity and imaginations.


  • Full-color RGB Backlight
  • High contrast, clearly visible in direct sunlight
  • I2C communication uses only two I/O pins
  • Automatic power-on reset