Grove Inventor Kit for micro:bit 實驗套件組 可玩手勢辨識 seeed原廠


Grove Inventor Kit for micro:bit 實驗套件組 可玩手勢辨識 seeed原廠

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本套件已經準備了10個Grove模塊,讓您開始使用micro:bit。使用這些Grove模塊,您可以測量距離並顯示它,使用手勢播放不同的音樂,或為您的辦公桌或房間設置智能防護裝置 。


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Grove Inventor Kit for micro:bit 實驗套件組 可玩手勢辨識

BBC micro:bit是一個袖珍電腦,可以很容易地激發您的創造力,並且無需太多的電氣和編碼知識。有很多創作的可能性,您可以從微:bit中挖掘出來,例如機器人或者樂器。然而,如果您想創造更多的東西,只有BBC micro:bit是不夠的,這就是為什麼我們要向您介紹Grove Inventor工具包。

此Grove Inventor套件:為您的micro:bit帶來無限的可能性。該套件中的核心板是Micro:Bit的Grove擴展基板,藉由此板可以使用大量的Grove模塊,包括傳感器,顯示器,執行器與微:Bit進行交互。Grove不再需要焊接或跳線。您的原型設計將更容易,更方便。

Grove Inventor Kit for micro:bit 實驗套件組已經準備了10個Grove模塊,讓您開始使用micro:bit。使用這些Grove模塊,您可以測量距離並顯示它,

使用手勢播放不同的音樂,或為您的辦公桌或房間設置智能防護裝置 。

Grove Inventor Kit for micro:bit 擴充套件組   (本套件不含BBC開發板,若有需要請點選加購)

原廠官網教學 :

Grove Inventor Kit for micro:bit 實驗套件組


  • 酷炫的擴展屏蔽,外圍設備豐富方便;
  • 精選的Grove模塊,用於處理micro:bit;
  • 12個令人敬畏的項目,讓您快速入門
  • 記錄良好的指令。




Grove Shield for micro:bit v2 擴充母板 x1
Grove – Rotary Angle Sensor(P) 旋轉角度感測器 x1
Grove – Speaker 迷你喇叭模組 x1
Grove – Ultrasonic Ranger 超聲波模組 x1
Grove – Light Sensor v1.2 光傳感器v1.2 x1
Grove – WS2812防水LED燈條 – 30個LED 1米 x1
Grove – Gesture 手勢感測器 x1
Grove – 4-Digit Display 4位數顯示器 x1
Grove – Red LED 紅色LED x1
Micro USB Cable – 48cm Micro USB線 x1
12 Projects Manual 使用手冊 x1
Alligator Cable 鱷魚夾線 x10
Grove Cable 連接線 x7



Grove Inventor Kit for micro:bit

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that can easily realize your creativity without much electrical and coding knowledge. There are numerous possibility of creation you can dig out by micro:bit, from robots to musical instruments. However if you want to create more things, just 1 micro:bit is barely not enough, That’s why we introduce the Grove Inventor Kit for micro:bit to you.

The Grove Inventor Kit for Micro:bit brings endless possibilities to your micro:bit. The core board in this kit is the Grove shield for micro:bit v2.0, with which you can use plenty of Grove modules including sensors, display, actuator to interact with micro:bit. If you never used and have no idea what grove is, here is the introduction of Grove. All you need to know is that with Grove, there is no need of soldering or jump wires any more. Your prototyping will be easier and much more convenient.

We have already prepare 8 grove modules to let you get started with micro:bit. With these grove modules, you can measure distance and display it, use gesture to play different music, or make a smart guard for your desk or room. We have prepared all the necessary libraries(packages) for free download. If you are a beginner to micro:bit, don’t worry because we have also prepare 12 different project which can teach you step by step. If you are an advanced user, this kit will help you more creative project than others.


The output voltage of micro:bit is around 3.0V, use microbit or AA battery to power the circuit may cause malfunction of Grove modules which requires high input voltage and drive current(e.g Grove – Ultrasonic Ranger). In order to make these kind of Grove function well, please use the micro-USB port on Grove shield for microbit to power the circuit.


  • Cool extension shield with rich and convenient peripherals;
  • 8 well selected Grove modules for working with micro:bit;
  • 12 awesome projects to let you get started quickly;
  • Well documented instruction.

12 Projects

  • Control the Light
  • Sunshine micro:bit
  • LED Bar Controller
  • Music Player
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Smart Guard
  • Shake Counter
  • Ultrasonic Meter
  • Rainbow on The Desk
  • Guardians of The Secrets in Your Bag
  • Guardians of The Secrets in Your Room
  • Magic Musician






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