Grove – Barometer Sensor (BMP280) 壓力感測器模組 seeed原廠


Grove – Barometer Sensor (BMP280) 壓力感測器模組 seeed原廠

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Grove Barometer Sensor (BMP280) 壓力感測器模組

模塊提供了在環境大氣壓和溫度的精確測量。空氣壓力可在範圍從300 hPa到1100hPa與±1.0百帕絕對精度來測量。由於對測量壓力的測量精度高,並與高度的壓力變化,就可以計算±1計的精度,這使得它精確高度表以及海拔高度。這個模塊的另一個偉大的事情是,你甚至不需要擔心I2C碰撞,因為它提供I2C和SPI接口。使用SPI,簡單地解焊接背面的焊接區。如果用I2C通訊方式,模組還提供了2個I2C地址供您選擇。

Grove - Barometer Sensor (BMP280)


  • 壓力測量的精度高,絕對精度為±1.0 hPa,溫度測量精度為±1
  • 易於使用的Grove兼容接口
  • 支持I2C和SPI通信
  • 可用作高度計,精度為±1米



  • 電源電壓:5V或3.3V
  • 電流消耗:0.6毫安
  • 氣壓測量
    • 範圍:300 – 1100 hPa
    • 精度:±1.0 hPa
  • 溫度測量
    • 範圍:-40到85
    • 準確度:±1
  • 接口:I2C和SPI
  • Grove 端口:I2C(在0x77(默認選擇地址)和0x76)



  • Grove – Barometer Sensor (BMP280) x1
  • Grove連接線 x1






Grove Barometer Sensor (BMP280)

The Grove BMP280 Barometer Sensor is built around Bosch BMP280, it is a low-cost and high-precision environmental sensor measures the temperature and barometer. This sensor supports both I2C and SPI communication and we provide the BMP280 Arduino library.


Grove BMP280 provides precise measurements of barometric pressure and temperature in the environment. The air pressure can be measured in a range from 300 hPa to 1100hPa with ±1.0 hPa absolute accuracy. As for the temperature, the sensor works perfectly for temperatures between – 40℃ and 85℃ with an accuracy of ±1℃.


Owing to its high accuracy on measuring the pressure, and the pressure changes with altitude, we can calculate the altitude with ±1 meter accuracy, which makes it a precise altimeter as well. Another great thing about this module is that you don’t even need to worry about the I2C collisions as it provides both I2C and SPI interfaces. To use SPI, simply de-solder the bonding pads on the back. If you go with I2C, the board also provides 2 I2C addresses for you to select as you want.

BMP280 VS. BME280

Grove BMP280 is similar to Grove BME280, and their parameter performance is almost the same, so people are often confused. The BMP280 can only measure temperature and air pressure, while the BME280 can measure humidity in addition to temperature and air pressure. Because of this difference, BMP280 is much cheaper than BME280. Simply put, the BMP280 Barometer sensor is an upgrade to the BMP180 Barometer sensor, and the BME280 environmental sensor adds humidity measurement to the BMP280. So if you just want to get the atmospheric pressure, then we recommend you to use Grove BMP280, however, if you want to monitor the environment more comprehensively, then we recommend Grove BME280.

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As the sensor is quite sensitive to the environmental conditions, please DO NOT touch it with your fingers.


  • High accuracy, absolute accuracy of ±1.0 hPa for pressure measurement and ±1 accuracy for temperature measurement
  • Easy-to-use Grove Compatible Interface
  • Supports both I2C and SPI communication
  • Can be used as an altimeter with the accuracy of ±1 meter


  • Supply Voltage: 5V or 3.3V
  • Current Consumption: 0.6 mA
  • Barometric Pressure Measure
    •  Range: 300 – 1100 hPa
    • Accuracy: ±1.0 hPa
  • Temperature Measurement
    • Range: -40 to 85
    • Accuracy: ±1
  • Interface: I2C and SPI
  • Grove Port: I2C (selectable address at 0x77(default) and 0x76)
  • Dimensions: 20mm x 40mm
  • Weight: 3g