Grove – 0.96″ OLED 顯示模組 (SSD1315) 黑底白字 seeed原廠

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Grove – 0.96″ OLED 顯示模組  (SSD1315) 黑底白字 seeed原廠

我們將Grove-OLED Display 0.96“ OLED芯片從  SSD1308升級到SSD1315。

Grove-OLED Display 0.96“(SSD1315)是具有Grove I2C接口的單色(白色)128×64像素無源顯示矩陣模塊。新的0.96 OLED Display是舊的Grove-OLED Display 0.96”的升級版  。它繼承了具有高對比度,高亮度,低功耗,寬視角和許多其他優點的舊版本。

得益於新的SSD1315芯片,它可以在3.3V電壓下工作,因此我們省去了昂貴的DC-DC升壓電路。借助板載電平轉換電路,新的Grove-OLED Display 0.96“可以在3.3V和5V平台上工作。也就是說,您可以輕鬆地將其用作Arduino OLED顯示器,Raspberry Pi OLED顯示器等。

至於軟件兼容性,該Grove-OLED顯示器支持由Olikraus編寫的U8g2單色顯示器庫。該庫非常方便且兼容性強,它不僅可以支持基於SSD1315的顯示器,還可以支持配備SSD1306或許多其他芯片的顯示器。因此,購買一台Grove-OLED Display 0.96“(SSD1315)并快速開始使用U8g2庫,您將在這個小屏幕上發現魔力!


  • 兼容3.3V / 5V
  • 可變的I2C地址
  • 低功耗
  • 單色(白色)128×64像素
  • 高對比度,高亮度
  • 寬工作溫度範圍:-40℃〜+85℃








Grove – OLED Display 0.96″ (SSD1315)

We upgraded the Grove – OLED Display 0.96″ chip from SSD1308 to SSD1315. What’s the difference? To be honest, the performance is slightly improved, nothing worth to mention. Well, we just lowered the price almost to a quarter of the old version. What! Better performance, a quarter price!! Truly surprise!!!

The Grove – OLED Display 0.96″ (SSD1315) is a monochrome(white) 128×64 pixels passive display matrix module with Grove I2C Interface. The new 0.96 OLED Display is the upgrade version of the old Grove – OLED Display 0.96″.  It inherits the old version with high contrast, high brightness, low power consumption, wide viewing angle, and many other advantages.

Thanks to the new SSD1315 chip, it can work with 3.3V, so that we removed the expensive DC-DC boost circuit. And with the onboard level shift circuit, the new Grove – OLED Display 0.96″ can work with 3.3V and 5V platform. That is to say, you can use it easily as an Arduino OLED display, Raspberry Pi OLED display, etc.

As for the software compatibility, this Grove-OLED Display supports the U8g2 monochrome displays library written by Olikraus. This library is so convenient and well compatible that it can support not only this display based on SSD1315 but also displays equipped with SSD1306 or many other chips. So buy one Grove – OLED Display 0.96″ (SSD1315) and get quickly started with the U8g2 library, you will find magic in this little screen!


  • 3.3V/5V compatible
  • Changeable I2C address
  • Low power consumption
  • Monochrome(white) 128×64 pixels
  • High contrast, high brightness
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40℃ ~ +85 ℃

Hardware Overview