GNSS Multi-Band Magnetic Mount Antenna 多頻 帶磁性安裝天線- 5m (SMA) SparkFun原廠


GNSS Multi-Band Magnetic Mount Antenna 多頻 帶磁性安裝天線- 5m (SMA) SparkFun原廠

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GNSS Multi-Band Magnetic Mount Antenna 多頻 帶磁性安裝天線- 5m (SMA)

ANN-MB-00 GNSS多頻帶天線與其他G​​NSS / GPS天線非常獨特,因為它設計用於接收經典的L1 GPS頻段和新推出的L2 GPS頻段。此外,u-blox的ANN-MB-00非常精良,帶有帶安裝孔的磁性底座,可為最惡劣的環境提供額外的固定。

專為最新的u-blox F9平台 – 包括ZED-F9P模塊 – 設計,提供快速,簡便,可靠的多頻段天線解決方案,但可與任何可受益於L1 /的GPS / GNSS接收器配合使用L2雙接收。


GNSS多頻帶磁性安裝天線 - 5米(SMA)



  • 頻率:
    • L1頻段:1559-1606MHz
    • L2 / L5頻段:1197-1249MHz
  • 峰值增益(直徑超過15厘米的地平面):
    • L1頻段:3.5dBic
    • L2 / L5頻段:0-2.0dBic
  • VSWR:最大 2
  • 帶寬:分鐘 200MHz的
  • 阻抗:50歐姆
  • 極化RHCP
  • 支持GPS,GLONASS,Galileo和BeiDou
  • 5米同軸電纜,帶SMA連接器
  • 磁性底座,固定安裝選項(螺釘安裝,2 x M4螺釘)
  • 尺寸:60.0mm x 82.0mm x 22.5mm
  • 重量:175克(含電纜)





The ANN-MB-00 GNSS multiband antenna is extremely unique from other GNSS/GPS antennas in that it is designed to receive both the classic L1 GPS band and the newly launched L2 GPS band. Additionally, the ANN-MB-00 from u-blox is extremely well built with both a magnetic base with mounting holes for additional anchoring for the harshest environments.

Designed for the latest u-blox F9 platform–including the ZED-F9P module–it provides a fast, easy, and reliable multi-band antenna solution but can be used with any GPS/GNSS receiver that can benefit from the L1/L2 dual reception.

This antenna supports GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou and includes a high-performance multi-band RHCP dual-feed patch antenna element, a built-in high-gain LNA with SAW pre-filtering, and a 5m SMA cable.


  • Frequency:
    • L1 Band: 1559-1606MHz
    • L2/L5 Band: 1197-1249MHz
  • Peak gain (over 15cm diameter ground plane):
    • L1 Band: 3.5dBic
    • L2/L5 Band: 0-2.0dBic
  • VSWR: max. 2
  • Bandwidth: min. 200MHz
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Polarization RHCP
  • Supports GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou
  • 5m coaxial cable with SMA connector
  • Magnetic base, fixed installation option (screw mount, 2 x M4 screws)
  • Dimensions: 60.0mm x 82.0mm x 22.5mm
  • Weight: 175g (including cable)