PWM Shield 脈寬調變擴展板 SparkFun原廠

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SparkFun PWM  脈寬調變擴展板將允許您通過利用TLC5940 IC的電源從Arduino生成多達16個PWM信號。


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PWM Shield  脈寬調變擴展板 SparkFun 原裝進口 亦可應用於16 路舵機控制

SparkFun PWM  脈寬調變擴展板將允許您通過利用TLC5940 IC的電源從Arduino生成多達16個PWM信號。所有16個PWM通道都分為標準0.1“接頭,它們沿著方便的電壓和接地線運行,因為IC可以採用菊花鍊式連接,輸出接頭在屏蔽的一側分開,可以連接到我們的TLC5940斷路器進一步擴展您的PWM功能。使用此板可增加單片機可用於PWM的數量,如單色,多色或全色LED顯示屏,LED招牌,顯示器背光,伺服控製或任何其他需要大量PWM驅動器的項目。


SparkFun PWM Shield





SparkFun PWM Shield

Description: This is the Arduino shield version of our TLC5940 Breakout. The SparkFun PWM Shield will allow you to generate up to 16 PWM signals from your Arduino by utilizing the power of the TLC5940 IC. All 16 PWM channels are broken out to standard 0.1″ headers, which run alongside convenient voltage and ground rails. Because the IC can be daisy-chained, output headers are broken out on one side of the shield and can be connected to our TLC5940 Breakout to further expand your PWM capabilities.

Use this board to increase the number of PWM pins available to your microcontroller for applications such as monocolor, multicolor or full-color LED displays, LED signboards, display backlighting, servo control, or any other project where a large number of PWM drivers are necessary.