PyCom Pysense 傳感器擴展板

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最新上市的 Pysense 擴展板可以讓您的Pycom開發板擴增更多物聯網感測的項目。Pysense 是一個附加功能的擴展子板,將使環境傳感器項目變得輕而易舉。您不僅可以獲得各種傳感器,還可以使用微型SD卡座,以便您輕鬆登錄數據,還可以隨身攜帶帶充電器的電池連接器。


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PyCom Pysense 傳感器擴展板 支援 LoPy 與 WiPy

最新上市的 Pysense 擴展板可以讓您的Pycom開發板擴增更多物聯網感測的項目。Pysense 是一個附加功能的擴展子板,將使環境傳感器項目變得輕而易舉。您不僅可以獲得各種傳感器,還可以使用微型SD卡座,以便您輕鬆登錄數據,還可以隨身攜帶帶充電器的電池連接器。

這個擴展板適合用在所有 PyCom板(LoPyWiPy 2等)一起使用

PyCom Pysense 特點

  • 環境光傳感器
  • 氣壓傳感器
  • 濕度傳感器
  • 3軸12位加速度計
  • 溫度感應器
  • USB端口具​​有串行訪問
  • LiPo電池充電器
  • MicroSD卡兼容
  • 超低功耗操作(深度睡眠約1uA)
  • 5個附加GPIO的外部頭


PyCom Pysense

可以與與 Pybytes一起使用


PyCom Pysense

Give your Pycom board feelings and senses with this fancy new Pysense shield. The Pysense is an add-on daughterboard that will make environmental sensor projects a breeze. Not only do you get a wide range of sensors but it even comes with a micro SD card holder so you can log data easily, and a battery connector with charger to take it on the go.

This shield works with all PyCom boards (LoPy, WiPy 2, etc) and each contains a number of sensors!


  • Ambient light sensor
  • Barometric pressure sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • 3 axis 12-bit accelerometer
  • Temperature sensor
  • USB port with serial access
  • LiPo battery charger
  • MicroSD card compatibility
  • Ultra low power operation (~1uA in deep sleep)
  • External header for 5 additional GPIO

Use with Pybytes

Crafted by a group of Pycom back-end experts, the Pybytes platform will be everything there needs to be in place to gather, organize and display your data free of charge in the cloud. Regardless of whether you are a company, IoT system architect, or an ambitious tech hobbyist it’ll soon get you connected.