Pulsed Radar Breakout 脈衝雷達擴展板 – A111 SparkFun原廠

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Pulsed Radar Breakout 脈衝雷達擴展板 – A111


用於A111的SparkFun脈衝雷達分線器包括一個1.8V穩壓器,電壓電平轉換,並且將脈衝雷達傳感器的所有針腳分接到0.1英寸和Raspberry Pi友好的插頭上。脈衝雷達突圍被設計為直接位於Raspberry Pi的頂部,但不跨越Raspberry Pi B +(或更高版本)的所有40(2×20)針,但是26針-2×13-接頭應為與任何Pi兼容。但是,如果您想將其手動連接到另一個ARMv7或ARM Cortex-M4平台,則我們故意將2×13標頭與中斷分開,(因為封閉源A111 SDK當前僅支持這些架構)。

Acconeer開發了一個用Python編寫的可視化工具,該工具可以實時演示數據收集。它被稱為Acconeer Exploration工具,當初次使用A111脈衝雷達時,它是不可思議的資源。作為示例,它將繪製距離或存在感測圖,為您提供掃描次數,通過哪個通信端口(SPI或I 2 C)數據發送的計數,以及更多。該工具支持Windows和Linux,並且需要Python 3.6或更高版本。該工具可通過其Github存儲庫獲得。

Pulsed Radar Breakout 英國威廉希爾SparkFun脈衝雷達擴展板-A111


  • 60 GHz脈衝相干雷達(PCR)傳感器
  • 集成天線
  • 測量距離達2m
  • 精度低至毫米範圍
  • SPI接口-高達50MHz的SPI時鐘支持
  • 所有SPI引腳均斷開
  • 板載1.8V穩壓器
  • 1.8V電平轉換為1.8V-5V之間的任何電壓



  • 脈衝雷達擴展板-A111 x1
  • 母接頭-26針(2×13)x1







Does your project require high-precision, cutting-edge distance measurement? Or maybe speed, motion, or gesture-sensing? We’re not talking about simple ultrasonic or even infrared here, but 60GHz radar! Well say hello to the SparkFun A111 Pulsed Radar Breakout! The A111 is a single-chip solution for pulsed coherent radar (PCR) and comes complete with an integrated antenna and an SPI interface capable of clock speeds of up to 50MHz. Though the A111’s primary use case is distance-sensing, it also supports applications in gesture, motion, material, and speed-detection at distances of up to two meters.

SparkFun Pulsed Radar Breakout for the A111 includes a 1.8V regulator, voltage-level translation, and it breaks out all the pins of the pulsed radar sensor to both 0.1-inch and Raspberry Pi-friendly headers. The Pulsed Radar Breakout is designed to sit directly on top of a Raspberry Pi but it doesn’t span all 40 (2×20) pins of a Raspberry Pi B+ (or later), but the 26-pin — 2×13 — header should be compatible with any Pi. However, we have intentionally left the 2×13 header separated from the breakout in case you wanted to manually wire it to another an ARMv7 or ARM Cortex-M4 platform (since the closed-source A111 SDK currently only supports these architectures).

Acconeer has developed a visualization tool written in Python that demonstrates data collection in real time. It’s called the Acconeer Exploration Tool and is an incredible resource when first starting out with the A111 Pulsed Radar. As an example it will graph distance or presence sensing, giving you a count of the number of sweeps, which communication port (SPI or I2C) data is being sent through, and much much more. The tool supports both Windows and Linux and requires Python version 3.6 or later. This tool is available through their Github Repository, go on over a take a look!


  • 60 GHz Pulsed Coherent Radar (PCR) sensor
  • Integrated antenna
  • Measurement distance up to 2m
  • Accuracy down to mm-range
  • SPI interface — up to 50MHz SPI clock support
  • All SPI pins broken out
  • On-board 1.8V regulator
  • 1.8V level translation to any voltage between 1.8V-5V


  • 1x SparkFun Pulsed Radar Breakout Board – A111
  • 1x Female Header – 26-pin (2×13)




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