Piezo Igniter 壓電點火器 點火開關 SparkFun原廠

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Piezo Igniter 壓電點火器 點火開關

Piezo Igniter 壓電點火器 可以用於各種各樣的應用,你需要一個火花,使有趣的事情發生。有一個大的紅色按鈕,安裝方便,還有一個長的可拆卸的點火電纜,這將是一個完美的適合你的下一個火箭炮,火箭發射器,或火焰噴射器。點火器本身大約3.5“長,具有0.65”直徑的桶(用於安裝)。電纜長度超過2英尺。

Piezo Igniter

This piezo igniter can be used for all sorts of applications where you need a spark to make fun things happen. With a large red button, easy mounting, and a long detachable ignition cable, this would be a perfect fit for your next spud cannon, rocket launcher, or flamethrower.

The igniter itself is about 3.5″ long, with a 0.65″ diameter barrel (for mounting). The cable is just over 2 feet in length.