MI:pro Micro:bit BBC 專用機殼 SparkFun原廠

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MI:pro Micro:bit 專用機殼

MI:pro Micro:bit BBC 專用機殼 是一種 Micro:bit 專用的保護盒:這些情況具有三層結構風格,能夠將整個 Micro:bit 組件牆壁安裝到任何您想要的表面上,同時還將所有 micro:bit上的所有按鈕和端口引出。


不包含 MICOR:BIT 開發板,需另外購買。


結構簡單,只需要一個小的平頭螺絲刀,並且包括將每個板在微型鑽頭周圍彼此疊置並將其擰緊到位。幸運的是,MI:pro 機殼 可以輕鬆接觸micro:bit底部的邊緣引腳,使其仍可插入許多載板上的邊緣連接器。唯一不能與MI:pro案例一起使用的板子是SparkFun遊戲玩家:由於其邊緣連接器位於板的中心位置。



  • 1x前板
  • 1x背面安裝板
  • 2x中層板
  • 4x M3尼龍機用螺絲
  • 4x M3尼龍全螺母






The Mountable MI:pro is a simple and compact protective case for the micro:bit. These cases feature a three-layer construction style with ability to wall-mount the whole assembly onto any surface you want while still providing access to all buttons and ports on the micro:bit. Though these cases do feature wall-mountable tabs, the biggest benefit of using a case is to not accidentally short out the pads on the back of the micro:bit.

Construction is simple, requiring only a small flathead screwdriver, and involves layering each plate on top of one another around the micro:bit and screwing it into place. Luckily, the MI:pro case enables easy access to the edge pins at the bottom of the micro:bit, allowing it to still be plugged into an edge connector found on many of our carrier boards. The only board that cannot be used in conjunction with the MI:pro case is the SparkFun gamer:bit due to its edge connector being located in the center of the board.

Note: The MI:pro case only includes the parts found in the Includes Tab. This case does NOTinclude a micro:bit, power source or mounting screws. These items will need to be purchased separately.


  • 1x Front Plate
  • 1x Back Mounting Plate
  • 2x Mid-layer Plate
  • 4x M3 Nylon Machine Screw
  • 4x M3 Nylon Full Nut