microSD Sniffer 探針感測 訊號偵測 SparkFun原廠

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microSD Sniffer 探針感測 訊號偵測

microSD Sniffer 探針感測 是 SparkFun 客戶推薦的獨特版本。在使用 microSD卡時,有時需要查看SPI流量正在做什麼,無論是黑客還是實驗調試。SparkFun microSD Sniffer 允許您連接外部設備,例如邏輯分析儀或微控制器,以查看正在傳遞的信號。將一側插入普通的USD插座和uSD卡插入板載插座,讓測試開發一切變的簡單。

SparkFun microSD Sniffer






SparkFun microSD Sniffer

This is a unique board recommended by a SparkFun customer. When playing with microSD, you sometimes need to view what the SPI traffic is doing, whether for hacking or debugging. The SparkFun microSD Sniffer allows you to hook up an external device, such as a logic analyzer or microcontroller, to view what signals are being passed back and forth. Insert one side into a regular uSD socket and a uSD card into the on-board socket, simple as that.

All necessary pins are broken out to an 8-pin 0.1″ pitch header.