Gravity: Analog TDS Sensor 水質硬度 水質潔淨度檢測 總溶解固體 模擬TDS DFRobot原廠


Gravity: Analog TDS Sensor 水質硬度 水質潔淨度檢測 總溶解固體 模擬TDS DFRobot原廠

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Gravity: 模擬TDS 水質硬度 水質潔淨度檢測 總溶解固體 DFRobot原廠

這是一款arduino相容的TDS感測器,用於測量水的TDS值,TDS數值可反應水的潔淨程度,可應用於生活用水、水培等領域的 水質硬度 水質潔淨度檢測 。TDS (Total Dissolved Solids),中文名:總溶解固體,又稱溶解性固體總量,表明1升水中溶有多少毫克溶解性固體。一般來說,TDS值越高,表示水中含有的溶解物越多,水就越不潔淨。因此,TDS值的大小,可作為反映水的潔淨程度的依據之一。

Arduino TDS感測器連接示意圖

模擬TDS 水質硬度 水質潔淨度檢測 總溶解固體該產品專為arduino設計,即插即用,使用簡單方便。3.3~5.5V的寬電壓供電,0~2.3V的類比信號輸出,使得這款產品相容5V、3.3V控制系統,能非常方便的接到現成的控制系統中使用。








  • 寬電壓工作:3.3~5.5V
  • 0~2.3V類比信號輸出,相容5V、3.3V兩種控制系統
  • 激勵源為交流信號,有效防止探頭極化
  • 防水探頭,可長期浸入水中測量
  • Arduino相容,Gravity介面,連線簡單,即插即用,無需焊接



  • 信號轉接板
    • 輸入電壓:3~5.5V
    • 輸出信號:0~2.3V
    • 工作電流: 3~6mA
    • TDS測量範圍:0~1000ppm
    • TDS測量精度:±10% F.S.(25℃)
    • 尺寸:42*32mm
    • 模組介面:0-3P
    • 電極介面:54-2P
  • TDS探頭
    • 探針數量:2
    • 總體長度:83cm
    • 連線介面:54-2P
    • 顏色:黑色
    • 其他:防水探頭



  • TDS信號轉接板 x1
  • 防水TDS探頭 x1
  • Gravity 3PIN模擬感測器線 x1





Gravity: Analog TDS Sensor/Meter for Arduino

This is an Arduino-compatible TDS sensor/Meter Kit for measuring TDS value of the water, to reflect the cleanliness of the water. It can be applied to domestic water, hydroponic and other fields of water quality testing. You may also check Liquid Sensor Selection Guide to get better familar with our liquid sensor series.

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) indicates that how many milligrams of soluble solids dissolved in one liter of water. In general, the higher the TDS value, the more soluble solids dissolved in water, and the less clean the water is. Therefore, the TDS value can be used as one of the references for reflecting the cleanliness of water.

Gravity: Analog TDS Sensor/Meter for Arduino TDS in Parts
(Cited from Google)

TDS pen is a widely used equipment to measure TDS value. The price is affordable, and it is easy to use, but it is not able to transmit data to the control system for online monitoring to do some water quality analysis. The professional instrument has high accuracy and can send data to the control system, but the price is expensive for the ordinary people. To this end, we have launched an analog TDS sensor kit which is compatible with Arduino, plug and play, easy to use. Matching with Arduino controller, you can build a TDS detector easily to measure the TDS value of liquid.
This product supports 3.3 ~ 5.5V wide voltage input, and 0 ~ 2.3V analog voltage output, which makes it compatible with 5V or 3.3V control system or board. The excitation source is AC signal, which can effectively prevent the probe from polarization and prolong the life of the probe, meanwhile, increase the stability of the output signal. The TDS probe is waterproof, it can be immersed in water for long time measurement.

This product can be used in water quality application, such as domestic water, hydroponics. With this product, you can easily DIY a TDS detector to reflect the cleanliness of water to protect your health.

1.The probe can not be used in water above 55 degrees centigrade.
2.The probe can not be left too close to the edge of the container, otherwise it will affect the reading.
3.The head and the cable of the probe are waterproof, but the connector and the signal transmitter board are not waterproof. Please be careful.


  • Wide Voltage Input: 3.3~5.5V
  • Good Compatibility Output: 0~2.3V analog signal output, compatible with 5V or 3.3V controller
  • AC Excitation Source: effectively prevent probe from polarization
  • Waterproof Probe
  • Easy to Use: Arduino compatible, simple connection, plug and play without soldering


Signal Transmitter Board

  • Input Voltage: 3.3 ~ 5.5V
  • Output Voltage: 0 ~ 2.3V
  • Working Current: 3 ~ 6mA
  • TDS Measurement Range: 0 ~ 1000ppm
  • TDS Measurement Accuracy: ± 10% F.S. (25 ℃)
  • Module Size: 42 * 32mm
  • Module Interface: PH2.0-3P
  • Electrode Interface: XH2.54-2P

TDS probe

  • Number of Needle: 2
  • Total Length: 83cm
  • Connection Interface: XH2.54-2P
  • Color: Black
  • Other: Waterproof Probe



  • Gravity: Analog TDS Sensor/Meter for Arduino x1
  • Waterproof TDS Probe x1
  • Gravity-3Pin Analog Sensor Cable x1