Coulomb Counter Breakout – LTC4150 庫倫計數器 模組 電流監控 SparkFun原廠


Coulomb Counter Breakout – LTC4150 庫倫計數器 模組 電流監控 SparkFun原廠

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Coulomb Counter Breakout – LTC4150 庫倫計數器 模組 電流監控

里程表對汽車來說非常有用,他們告訴你你走了多遠,如果你能夠擁有一個同樣適用於電流的設備,它會不會很好? LTC4150 SparkFun Coulomb Counter Breakout在這裡成為您當前的里程表。如果你想知道:一個庫倫被定義為,簡單地說,一個放大器一秒鐘。這個突破能夠不斷監測您的傳感器正在使用的電流,能夠將其累加起來,並且每次使用給定的安培小時數時都會給您一個脈衝。當有效地使用並且如果您從一個完整的電池開始,您將永遠知道它剩下多少!

Coulomb Counter Breakout的一端是標記為IN和OUT的標題。將電池或電源連接至IN接頭或JST電池連接器(它們完全相同),並將OUT接頭連接至您的項目。在庫侖計數器的另一端,您會發現一個帶有六個針腳的標頭。這些是您需要連接到微控制器的引腳,包括VIO(電壓輸入),INT(中斷),POL(極性),GND(地),CLR(清除)和SHDN(關斷)。只需在電源和電路之間安裝此分線即可,這樣,您的電路使用的所有電流都需要通過庫侖計才能被測量。

SparkFun Coulomb Counter Breakout  -  LTC4150


  • 工作電壓:2.7V – 8.5V
  • 工作電流:1A
  • 表示充電量和極性
  • ±50mV感應電壓範圍
  • 32.55Hz / V充電計數頻率
  • 1.5μA關斷電流



Odometers are extremely useful for cars, they tell you how far you have gone, wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to have a device that does the same for electrical current? The LTC4150 SparkFun Coulomb Counter Breakout is here to be your odometer for current. If you are wondering: a coulomb is defind as, to put it simply, one amp for one second. This breakout is capable of constantly monitoring the current your sensor is using, is able to add it up, and will give you a pulse each time a given amount of amp-hours have been used. When used effectively and if you start with a full battery, you’ll always know exactly how much of it is left!

At one end of the Coulomb Counter Breakout are headers labeled IN and OUT. Connect your battery or power supply to the IN header or JST battery connector (they’re identical), and connect the OUT header to your project. At the other end of the Coulomb Counter you’ll find a header with six pins. These are the pins you’ll need to connect to your microcontroller and include VIO (Voltage Input), INT (Interrupt), POL (Polarity), GND (Ground), CLR (Clear), and SHDN (Shutdown). Simply install this breakout out between your power source and your circuit, that way all the current your circuit uses needs to pass through the Coulomb Counter to be measured.


  • Operating Voltage: 2.7V – 8.5V
  • Operating Current: 1A
  • Indicates Charge Quantity and Polarity
  • ±50mV Sense Voltage Range
  • 32.55Hz/V Charge Count Frequency
  • 1.5μA Shutdown Current





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