Arduino Big Time DIY 手錶 穿戴式設備電子手錶套件組


Arduino Big Time DIY 手錶 穿戴式設備電子手錶套件組

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BigTime DIY 手錶是一種時尚的北約風格的亞克力外殼數碼手錶。手錶使用ATmega328作為處理器32KHZ作為晶振時鐘源。查看時鐘是,只需按下手錶旁邊的按鈕,數碼管便會顯示時間。當需要調整時鐘時,先點亮查看時鐘,然後長按鈕,進入時鐘調整模式。由於我們的手錶是超低功耗的,所以一顆CR2032鈕扣電池就可以運行大約兩年的時間。並且我們的手錶是可編程的,配合我們的FTDI 模塊便可實現編程下載。編程下載的時候選擇Arduino Pro or Pro Mini 3.3V/8MHz w/ ATmega328 板子型號便可。


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Arduino Big Time DIY 手錶 穿戴式設備電子手錶套件組


Big Time DIY 手錶 是一種時尚的北約風格的亞克力外殼數碼手錶。手錶使用ATmega328作為處理器32KHZ作為晶振時鐘源。查看時鐘是,只需按下手錶旁邊的按鈕,數碼管便會顯示時間。當需要調整時鐘時,先點亮查看時鐘,然後長按鈕,進入時鐘調整模式。由於我們的手錶是超低功耗的,所以一顆CR2032鈕扣電池就可以運行大約兩年的時間。並且我們的手錶是可編程的。編程下載的時候選擇 Arduino Pro or Pro Mini 3.3V/8MHz w/ ATmega328 板子型號便可。


  • Arduino big time DIY 穿戴式設備電子手錶套件組

Arduino big time 穿戴裝置實驗套件



BigTime watch kit is a geekishly stylish digital watch with a NATO style watch-band and a slick acrylic enclosure. If it seems familiar, that’s because it’s essentially our open-source branch from the SpikenzieLabs’ Solder:Time kit. The heart of the kit is the much venerated ATMega328 using a 32kHz clock-source to keep time. To check the time, just press the button on the side of the watch and it pops up on a 4-digit 7-segment LED display. Thanks to some low-level hackery, the ATMega is running at super low power and should get an estimated 2 years of run time on a single CR2032 coin cell!

The BigTime is a through-hole kit with a low parts-count, so it makes a great project for beginning solderers. After you’ve finished soldering together the PCB, simply stack the acrylic pieces around it and screw them together with the included screws. Once that’s done, pop in the coin-cell battery and go show off your nerd bling!

Did we mention that the watch kit is super hackable? An FTDI header is broken out to the side of the board and the watch-firmware is running on top of a bootloader! This means that all you need to do to add your own code is to open up Arduino or Wiring and select “Arduino Pro or Pro Mini 3.3V/8MHz w/ ATmega328” as your board.