Gravity: Analog Sound Level Meter 模擬聲級計 分貝計 噪音 感測器 DFRobot原廠


Gravity: Analog Sound Level Meter 模擬聲級計 分貝計 噪音 感測器 DFRobot原廠

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Analog Sound Level Meter 模擬聲級計 分貝計 噪音 感測器 DFRobot原廠

Analog Sound Level Meter 噪音 感測器 是一款兼容Arduino的聲級計(也稱為 分貝計,噪音計)。它使用儀器電路和低噪聲麥克風,使其能夠精確測量周圍環境的聲級。


聲級計(也稱為 分貝計,噪音計)是一種基本的 噪聲測量儀器。我們推出了一款與 Arduino 兼容的聲級計,即插即用。它可以準確地測量周圍環境的聲級。本產品採用儀表電路,低噪音麥克風,使其非常珍貴。它支持3.3~5.0V寬輸入電壓,0.6~2.6V電壓輸出。分貝值與輸出電壓成線性關係,無需複雜算法即可實現簡單的轉換。該連接器即插即用,無需焊接,因此該產品可輕鬆應用於您的應用中。


  • 麥克風上的黑色膠片是一個敏感組件,請勿用指甲或其他尖銳物體觸摸它。
  • 請勿將此模塊放置在導體或半導體的表面上,否則會使麥克風的引腳短路。建議將此模塊放在乾燥的絕緣體表面上或用尼龍柱固定以懸掛在空氣中。




  • 高精度:使用儀表電路,低噪音麥克風
  • 寬電壓輸入:3.3~5.0V
  • 簡單轉換:線性模擬輸出,0.6~2.6V線性對應30~130dBA,無需複雜算法
  • 易於使用:即插即用,無需焊接


    • 測量範圍:30dBA~130dBA
    • 測量誤差:±1.5dB
    • 頻率加權:加權
    • 頻率響應:31.5Hz~8.5KHz
    • 時間特徵:125ms
  • 輸入電壓:3.3~5.0V
  • 輸入電流:22mA @ 3.3V,14mA @ 5.0V
  • 輸出電壓:0.6~2.6V
  • 模塊尺寸:60mm * 43mm / 2.37in * 1.68in



  • 模擬聲級計x1
  • 重力模擬電纜x1







Gravity: Analog Sound Level Meter

This is an Arduino compatible sound level meter(also known as decibel meter, noise meter). It uses instrument circuit and low noise microphone, which enable it to accurately measure the sound level of the surrounding environment. It can be applied to environmental noise testing, such as highway noise monitoring station, bedroom noise monitoring, etc.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of sounds surrounding, some of which are really noisy. It is really essential to measure whether the sound is noisy enough to do damage to our health.

Sound level meter (also known as the decibel meter, noise meter) is a basic noise measurement instrument. We have launched a sound level meter, which is compatible with Arduino, plug-and-play. It can accurately measure the sound level of the surrounding environment. This product uses instrument circuit, low noise microphone, which make it highly precise. It supports 3.3~5.0V wide input voltage, 0.6~2.6V voltage output. The decibel value is linear with the output voltage, which leads to a simple conversion, without complex algorithm. The connector is plug-and-play, without welding, so this product can be easily used in your application.

Sound level meter is widely used in environmental noise detection, such as highway noise monitoring station, room noise monitoring and so on. It’s time for you to DIY a sound level detector to protect your hearing.


The black film on the microphone is a sensitive component, do not touch it with fingernails or other sharp objects.
Do not place this module on the surface of the conductor or the semiconductor, otherwise it will short the microphone’s pins. It is recommended to place this module on a dry insulator’s surface or fix with nylon columns to hang in the air.


  • High Precision: use instrument circuit, low noise microphone
  • Wide Voltage Input:3.3~5.0V
  • Simple Conversion: linear analog output, 0.6~2.6V linear correspondence 30~130dBA, no complex algorithm is required
  • Easy to Use: plug and play, without soldering


  • Measuring Range: 30dBA ~ 130dBA
  • Measurement Error: ±1.5dB
  • Frequency Weighted: A Weighted
  • Frequency Response: 31.5Hz ~ 8.5KHz
  • Time Characteristics: 125ms
  • Input Voltage: 3.3 ~ 5.0V
  • Input Current: 22mA@3.3V, 14mA@5.0V
  • Output Voltage: 0.6 ~ 2.6V
  • Module Size: 60mm * 43mm / 2.37in*1.68in



  • Analog Sound Level Meter x1
  • Gravity Analog Cable 3Pin x1