4X4 微動開關 矩陣鍵盤模組 16 外擴鍵盤模組

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4X4微動開關矩陣鍵盤模組 16 外擴鍵盤模組

16-Button Tactile Keypad Matrix


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4X4 微動開關 矩陣鍵盤模組 16 外擴鍵盤模組


0.1“單排公頭是麵包板友好的.PCB的整體尺寸為39mm x 43mm。

4X4 微動開關 矩陣鍵盤模組

16-Button Tactile Keypad Matrix

This is a 4×4 matrix of tactile buttons solidly mounted on to a PCB with an 8-pin single-row 0.1″ pitch header. The switches are clearly numbered with white silkscreen printing. Each switch gives satisfying tactile feedback when pressed.

The 0.1″ single row male header is breadboard friendly. The overall dimensions of the PCB are 39mm x 43mm.
This is a great way to experiment with matrix decoding on the Arduino!