SparkFun Blynk Board – ESP8266 Blynk 開發板 sparkfun原廠代理進口


SparkFun Blynk Board – ESP8266 Blynk 開發板 sparkfun原廠代理進口

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SparkFun Blynk Board – ESP8266 Blynk 開發板 sparkfun原廠代理進口

Blynk是一款易於使用的應用程序生成器,它允許用戶將各種按鈕,滑塊,圖形顯示甚至RGB控制器添加到手機中。 SparkFun Blynk Board專門設計用於與Blynk移動應用程序中的“小工具”配合使用,以創建您的下一個物聯網項目。監控當地的天氣狀況,控製手機的LED指示燈,甚至在需要澆水的時候發送推文!每個Blynk Board都經過完全編程,並且還包含一個Blynk訂閱代碼卡(15k Energy,價值10美元),將Blynk Board連接到您的Blynk帳戶,連接到Wi-Fi信號並準備開始Blynking!您將立即從世界的一半控制Blynk董事會。

每塊Blynk板上都是經濟而強大的ESP8266框架,它可以連接到大多數2.4GHz WiFi網絡,這些網絡可以是開放式(無密碼),也可以是WPA,WPA-2或WEP認證。 Blynk電路板通過輸入/輸出(I / O)“引腳”與外界連接,可以控制真實世界的對象,如電機或LED,或從傳感器讀取數值(如光線或位置)。每個Blynk板的引腳都可以通過板邊上的大型金屬包圍孔進入。這些大孔被設計成與鱷魚夾電纜連接 – 一種適合初學者和高級電氣工程師的短接接口電纜。在安裝過程中,Blynk Board上的RGB LED將成為您靈魂的窗口。該電路板使用這種多色LED指示各種狀態模式,包括如何識別哪種電路板屬於您的。



注意:Blynk應用程序與運行iOS 7.0或更高版本的iDevices兼容,Android運行的版本高於或等於4.0。

  • ESP8266-Based
  • On-Board Si7021 Temp/Humidity sensor
  • Solderless pin connectors – compatible with alligator clips
  • On-Board FTDI for re-programming
  • On-board WS2812 RGB LED
  • General purpose LED and button
  • ADC scaled to 0-3.3V
  • Expansion connectors for I2C and WS2812 output
  • LiPo battery charger
  • Arduino programmable
  • Over a dozen pre-loaded Blynk projects!
  • No programming required to connect the board to Blynk and run through the example projects
  • Blynk Subscription Code-Card Included


Blynk is an easy to use app builder that allows users to add a variety of buttons, sliders, graphical displays and even RGB controllers to their phone. The SparkFun Blynk Board is specially designed to work with the ‘widgets’ within the Blynk mobile app to create your next IoT project. Monitor local weather conditions, control LEDs from your phone, even send a tweet when it’s time to water your plants! Every Blynk Board comes fully programmed and also includes a Blynk subscription code card (15k Energy at a $10 value), which will be needed to connect the Blynk Board to your Blynk account, connect to a Wi-Fi signal and you are ready to start Blynking! You’ll be controlling the Blynk Board from half way around the world in no time.

On board every Blynk Board is the economic yet powerful ESP8266 framework that will allow you to connect to most 2.4GHz WiFi networks, that are either open (no password) or protected with WPA, WPA-2, or WEP authentication. The Blynk Board interfaces with the outside world using input/ouput (I/O) “pins” that can either control real-world objects, like motors or LEDs, or read in values from sensors (like light or position). Each of the Blynk Board’s pins are accessible via the large, metal-encircled holes on the edge of the board. These large holes are designed to interface with alligator clip cables – a staple interface cable for beginner and advanced electrical engineer alike. During setup, the RGB LED on the Blynk Board will be your window into its soul. The board uses this multi-colored LED to indicate all sorts of status modes including how to identify which board is yours.

Blynk is a digital dashboard for your iOS or Android device that allows you to easily build graphical interfaces by dragging and dropping widgets to control for your newest IoT projects! With the Blynk app you will be able to control the Blynk board or any other compatible hardware remotely by displaying sensor data, analyzing your surroundings, activating a function of your project and much more.

Are you just getting started with IoT or electronics? Our IoT Starter Kit includes all the parts to complete the fourteen starting IoT projects.

Note: The Blynk app is compatible with iDevices running iOS 7.0+, and Android’s running any version above or equal to 4.0.