ATX Power Connector Breakout Kit 電源連接器分線套件 – 12V/5V (4-pin) SparkFun原廠


ATX Power Connector Breakout Kit 電源連接器分線套件 – 12V/5V (4-pin) SparkFun原廠

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ATX Power Connector Breakout Kit 電源連接器分線套件 – 12V/5V (4-pin)

您是否需要通過一個電源為12V和5V的項目供電? ATX電源連接器 突破了12V和5V設備的標準4針計算機外圍設備端口!一旦選擇了電源(無論是ATX電源還是隨附的12V / 5V壁式適配器),就可以為您的項目增光添彩!該套件包含將ATX接線盒和螺釘端子焊接在一起所需的一切,以直接為您的項目供電或將​​功率注入麵包板。


注意:由於此產品是套件,因此需要組裝和焊接的基本知識。 ATX電源連接器 分接頭未預先組裝。僅5V旁邊的引腳接地。未連接12V旁邊的引腳(NC)。有關更多信息,請參閱設備底部的圖片。隨附了交流電線,並通過2針式插頭與100-240VAC輸入配合使用

SparkFun ATX電源連接器 分線套件-12V / 5V(4-pin)



  • SparkFun ATX電源連接器分線板 x1
  • ATX直角連接器-PTH 4針 x1
  • 2針螺絲端子-5mm間距 x2
  • 電源-12V / 5V x1






Do you need to power a project with 12V and 5V from one power supply? The ATX power connector breaks out the standard 4-pin computer peripheral port for your 12V and 5V devices! Once you have chosen a power supply (whether it be an ATX power supply or the included 12V/5V wall adapter), you’re ready to give your project some life! This kit has everything you need to solder together an ATX breakout and screw terminals for powering your project directly or pumping power into a breadboard.

ATX power supplies usually have a number of power connectors available to power components for a desktop computer. One of these connectors is the 4-pin power connector, which is intended to power 12V and 5V computer peripherals (such as disk drives). Depending on the manufacturer of the power supply, the quantity of each connector can vary. If you want to easily grab some juice for your project from this connector, you’ll need to connect the breakout board to this port.

Note: Since this product is a kit, assembly and a basic knowledge of soldering will be required. The ATX power connector breakout does not come pre-assembled. Only the pin next to 5V is grounded. The pin next to 12V is not connected (NC). Please refer to the picture of the bottom of the unit for more information. The AC cable for this is included and works with 100-240VAC inputs via a 2-prong style plug.


  • 1x SparkFun ATX Power Connector Breakout Board
  • 1x ATX Right Angle Connector – PTH 4-pin
  • 2x 2-Pin Screw Terminals – 5mm Pitch
  • 1x Power Supply – 12V/5V