APDS-9301 環境光感測器模組 直接讀取勒克斯Lux 數值 SparkFun原廠


APDS-9301 環境光感測器模組 直接讀取勒克斯Lux 數值 SparkFun原廠

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APDS-9301 環境光感測器模組 直接讀取勒克斯Lux 數值

APDS-9301 環境光感測器 是將光強度轉換為數字輸出信號的I 2 C兼容的光度傳感器板。這種突破是相當簡單的,除了ADPS-9301 IC本身之外,它還專門設計了只有幾個輔助無源器件。所有讀數以 Lux 流明  返回您選定的微處理器,在不同的照明條件下提供精確的照度測量。在每個電路板的頂部,突破了SCL,SDA,3.3V和GND 的標準I 2 C引腳,我們還提供了一個INT引腳,因此APDS-9301可以在某些條件下編程為產生中斷。重要的是要注意,這個突破是非瞬時的,所以需要一些積分時間進行測量。

SparkFun Ambient Light Sensor Breakout - APDS-9301


  • 典型工作電壓:3.0V
  • 最大工作電壓:3.6V
  • 16位數字輸出,I 2 C快速模式,400kHz
  • 可編程模擬增益和積分時間
  • 50/60-Hz照明紋波抑制
  • 可編程中斷引腳和功能
  • 2 C上拉電阻器






The APDS-9301 Ambient Light Sensor Breakout is an I2C-compatible luminosity sensor board that converts light intensity to a digital output signal. This breakout is fairly simple and has been specifically designed with only a few ancillary passive components in addition to the APDS-9301 IC itself. All readings are returned to your chosen microprocessor in lux, providing precise Illuminance measurement under diverse lighting conditions.

On top of each board breaking out our standard I2C pin-out of SCL, SDA, 3.3V and GND, we’ve also provided an INT pin so the APDS-9301 can be programmed to generate an interrupt under certain conditions. It is important to note that this breakout is non-instantaneous, so it will require some integration time to take a measurement.


  • Typical Operating Voltage: 3.0V
  • Maximum Operating Voltage: 3.6V
  • 16-Bit Digital Output with I2C Fast-Mode at 400kHz
  • Programmable Analog Gain and Integration Time
  • 50/60-Hz Lighting Ripple Rejection
  • Programmable Interrupt Pin and Function
  • I2C Pull-up Resistors