WIO Link Starter Kit 入門學習套件 seeed原廠


WIO Link Starter Kit 入門學習套件 seeed原廠

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WIO Link Starter Kit 入門學習套件

WIO Link 針對初學者所設計的入門學習工具套件。WIO連接開發板可用於各種設備:沒有太多的程式設計技巧。所有的動作,你想讓你的模塊進行,閃碼操作環節可以完成WIO在移動APP的水龍頭。你透過網路與手機發送指令到你的任何地方的設備或專案。


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WIO Link Starter Kit 入門學習套件 支援手機智能 WiFi 遙控 物聯網 套件


這是 WIO Link 針對初學者所設計的入門學習工具套件。WIO連接開發板可用於各種設備:沒有太多的程式設計技巧。所有的動作,你想讓你的模塊進行,閃碼操作環節可以完成WIO在移動APP的水龍頭。你透過網路與手機發送指令到你的任何地方的設備或專案。


WIO Link Starter Kit 入門學習套件 套件包含:

  •  1x Grove – Button 按鈕模組
  •  1x Grove – Relay 繼電器模組
  •  1x Grove – Temp&Humi Sensor 溫濕度模組
  •  1x Grove – Digital Light Sensor 光敏模組
  •  1x Grove – WS2812 Waterproof LED Strip – 30 LEDs 1 meter 30個防水LED 燈條
  •  1x Grove – 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±1.5g) 三軸加速度感測器模組
  •  1x Wio Link 開發板
  •  1x Micro USB Cable – 48cm Micro usb 連接線

This kit is aimed at starters. The functional modules included in this kit are selected especially for a beginner which are frequently required modules, and very cost-effective. The most amazing part of this kit is the Wio Link development board which can be utilized for various devices: without much programming skill required. All the actions you want your modules performed and the flashing-code operation to Wio Link could be completed with taps in a mobile app. And you can send instructions to your devices over Internet at anywhere. So Wio Link will be a perfect utility to make things around smarter for everyone. Now let’s enjoy being a maker.


  • • Include common frequently-used environment-monitoring functional modules
  • • Grove port interfaced, more practical function and less work
  • • Completely easy to make things around you smarter and add fun to daily life.
  • • Cost-effective




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