Solenoid Valve-DN15/20 電磁閥 (含繼電器) DFRobot原廠

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這是一個自動和手動 電磁閥,配有三種顏色的控制線:紅色,黃色和藍色。

將此產品與Gravity:Digital 5A繼電器模塊配合使用,可以輕鬆控制閥門,例如在特定時間內打開或關閉閥門。


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Solenoid Valve-DN15/20 電磁閥 (含繼電器) DFRobot原廠

有分兩種管道規格:內徑 15 / 20 MM  請選購

使用此 12V 電磁閥 來控制液體流量!這是一個自動和手動 電磁閥,配有三種顏色的控制線:紅色,黃色和藍色。將藍色導線連接到正極以打開閥門,或將紅色導線連接到正極以關閉閥門。黃線是共用的地線。如果閥門斷電,它將停止工作並保持當前狀態。您可以手動打開或關閉閥門。該電磁水閥集閥門和直流電機於一體,內置金屬減速齒輪箱,扭矩大,噪音低,安裝方便。我們還採用電機密封設計,使整個結構更可靠。該閥門性能穩定,靈敏度高,抗電磁干擾。它可以承受1.0Mpa的靜壓。將此產品與Gravity:Digital 5A繼電器模塊配合使用,可以輕鬆控制閥門,例如在特定時間內打開或關閉閥門。此外,它還可廣泛應用於智能家居,自動農業,漁業和其他需要精確控制水流量的項目。





  • 工作溫度:-10℃-50℃
  • 額定電壓:12V DC
  • 額定電流:100mA
  • 額定功率:最大2W
  • 閥門壓力:1.0MPa
  • 絕緣電阻:>20MΩ
  • 扭矩
  • 管內尺寸:15mm / 0.59“



  •  電磁閥  x1
  •  繼電器模塊  x1
  •  連接線  x1





Solenoid Valve-DN15

Use this 12V solenoid valve to control the flow of liquid! This is an automated and manual solenoid valve that comes with three colors control wires: red, yellow and blue. Connect the blue wire to positive pole to open the valve, or connect the red wire to positive pole to close the valve. The yellow wire is the shared ground line. If the valve is powered off, it will stop working and keep the current state. You can open or close the valve manually then. This solenoid water valve integrates valve and DC motor in one piece, inside of which has metal reduction gearbox with large torque, low noise and easy to install. We also adopt sealing design for the motor to make the entire structure more reliable. The valve features stable performance, high sensitivity and anti-electromagnetic interference. It can withstand 1.0Mpa static pressure. Use this product with our Gravity: Digital 5A Relay Module to easily control the valve, for instance, to open or close the valve in a particular amount of time. Besides, it can be widely used in smart home, automatic agriculture, fisheries and other projects that require the precise controlling of water flow.


  • Operating Temperature: -10℃-50℃
  • Rated Voltage: 12V DC
  • Rated Current: 100mA
  • Rated Power: 2W Max
  • Valve Pressure: 1.0MPa
  • Insulation Resistance: >20MΩ
  • Torque:
  • Pipe Inner Dimension: 15mm/0.59”