Snap Circuits Jr.100 Experiments 電路積木實驗套件-Elenco SC-100 兒童益智玩具

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SnapCircuits®使學習電子產品變得輕鬆而有趣!無需焊接,一啪接駁,初學者學習電路的教育玩具。適合8歲以上小孩的電子益智玩具,只需按照我們手冊中的彩色圖片並構建令人興奮的項目,例如AM收音機;防盜警報器 門鈴等等!您甚至可以與朋友一起玩電子遊戲。所有零件均安裝在塑料模塊上,並可以輕鬆地卡在一起。在學習電子產品的同時,享受數小時的教育樂趣,只靠雙手無需工具。



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Snap Circuits Jr.100 Experiments 電路積木實驗套件-Elenco SC-100


只需按照我們手冊中的彩色圖片並構建令人興奮的項目,例如AM收音機;防盜警報器 門鈴等等!您甚至可以與朋友一起玩電子遊戲。所有零件均安裝在塑料模塊上,並可以輕鬆地卡在一起。在學習電子產品的同時,享受數小時的教育樂趣。無需工具。包括項目1-101手冊。

32 件「啪啪」電路組件 + 48 頁組裝教學說明書(英文)此套裝不包括2 粒 AA電池



  • 飛碟
  • 旋轉抽獎
  • 聲音激活器
  • 報警電路



  • 光敏電阻
  • 音樂集成電路
  • 發動機
  • 太空聲音集成電路



8 – 108 歲(兒童須在成人監督下使用)



Snap Circuits® Jr. 100 Experiments – Elenco SC-100

Snap Circuits® makes learning electronics easy and fun! Just follow the colorful pictures in our manual and build exciting projects such as AM radios; burglar alarms; doorbells and much more! You can even play electronic games with your friends. All parts are mounted on plastic modules and snap together with ease. Enjoy hours of educational fun while learning about electronics. No tools required. Includes Projects 1-101 manual.


Build over 100 projects including:

  • Flying Saucer
  • Spin draw
  • Sound Activator
  • Alarm Circuit

Contains over 30 parts including:

  • Photoresistor
  • Music Integrated Circuit
  • Motor
  • Space Sound Integrated Circuit

Awards: The National Parenting Center-Seal of Approval, Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products, Dr Toy Best Educational Products

Requires: 2-AA (not included)

Ages: 8 and up

WARNING CHOKING HAZARD- Small parts. Not for Children under 3 yrs.

Product manual (PDF) & Elenco product page.