Picoboard Starter Kit 入門套件組 sparkfun原廠代理進口


Picoboard Starter Kit 入門套件組 sparkfun原廠代理進口

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Picoboard Starter Kit 入門套件組 sparkfun原廠代理進口


SparkFun PicoBoard入門套件是您開始學習有關SparkFun PicoBoard和Scratch編程環境的一切資源。該套件包含您自己的PicoBoard,多塊硬件以幫助您開始使用,並連接組件以吸引您。使用Scratch編程語言,您可以根據傳感器的輸入輕鬆創建簡單的交互式程序。 PicoBoard包含一個光傳感器,聲音傳感器,一個按鈕和一個滑塊,以及四個額外的輸入,可以通過附帶的電纜感應電阻。


該套件不需要任何焊接,並且建議所有對編程入門感興趣的年齡段的用戶。迷你USB電纜將需要編程您的Picoboard,並需要獨立購買,如果你還沒有。因此,如果您是一名教育工作者或初學者,SparkFun Picoboard入門套件是深入了解編程和讀取傳感器基礎知識的絕佳方式!


     1x SparkFun PicoBoard
1x愛好電機 – 齒輪
1x凹陷按鈕 – 紅色
1x凹形按鈕 – 綠色
1x旋轉電位器 – 10k歐姆,線性
1x力敏電阻 – 方形
1x磁盤 – 0.709“
1x簧片開關 – 絕緣
4x 2.5mm音頻電纜連接到雙鱷魚夾
10x鱷魚測試引線 – 多彩多姿
10x跳線6“M / M – 20 AWG

The SparkFun PicoBoard Starter Kit is your go-to source to begin learning everything about the SparkFun PicoBoard and the Scratch programming environment. This kit includes your very own PicoBoard, multiple pieces of hardware to get you started, and connecting components to get you hooked up. Using the Scratch programming language, you can easily create simple interactive programs based on the input from sensors. The PicoBoard incorporates a light sensor, sound sensor, a button and a slider, as well as four additional inputs that can sense electrical resistance via included cables.

The on-line Getting Started Guide (found in the Documents section below) contains step by step instructions of how to set up your PicoBoard and how to program it in the Scratch programming environment. We have supplied plenty of detailed images on how to get started.

This kit will not require any soldering and is recommended for all ages interested in getting started with programming. A mini USB cable will be required to program your Picoboard and will need to be purchased seperatly if you don’t already own one. So if you are an educators or even a beginner, the SparkFun Picoboard Starter Kit is a great way to get into the very basics of programming and reading sensors!

Note: The PicoBoard is a derivative work of the Scratch Sensor Board.

1x SparkFun PicoBoard
1x Hobby Motor – Gear
1x Concave Button – Red
1x Concave Button – Green
1x Toggle Switch
1x Rotary Potentiometer – 10k Ohm, Linear
1x Force Sensitive Resistor – Square
1x Magnet Disk – 0.709″
1x Reed Switch – Insulated
1x Thermistor 10K
4x Tall Silicone Bumpers
4x 2.5mm Audio Cable to Dual Alligator Clip
10x Alligator Test Leads – Multicolored
10x Jumper Wires 6″ M/M – 20 AWG