Particle Photon 迷你物聯網 Wi-Fi 開發板 ARM 控制器 seeed 原廠代理


Particle Photon 迷你物聯網 Wi-Fi 開發板 ARM 控制器 seeed 原廠代理

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Particle Photon是物聯網產品中用來連接萬物的小型Wi-Fi開發板。它在指甲蓋大小的P0模組上組合了強大的ARM Cortex M3微控制器和Broadcom Wi-Fi晶片,



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Particle Photon 迷你物聯網 Wi-Fi 開發板 ARM 控制器 seeed原廠代理

Particle Photon 是物聯網產品中用來連接萬物的小型Wi-Fi開發板。它在指甲蓋大小的P0模組上組合了強大的ARM Cortex M3微控制器和Broadcom Wi-Fi晶片,使用方便,功能強大,可連接至雲端。為實現快速開展項目,Particle增加一個3.3V DC開關電源供電,RF及用戶介面器件位於單層PCB板Photon上。


構成Photon系統(板子自帶)的工具面向嵌入式工程師、web開發者、Arduino愛好者或IoTa企業家設計,您可在Particle web介面或本地IDE編寫固件,通過無線下載,



Particle Photon 迷你物聯網 Wi-Fi 開發板 ARM 控制器規格

  • Particle P0 Wi-Fi 模組
  • Broadcom BCM43362 Wi-Fi 晶片
  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • STM32F205 120Mhz ARM Cortex M3
  • STM32F205 120Mhz ARM Cortex M3
  • 1MB flash, 128KB RAM
  • 板載 RGB 狀態 LED燈
  • 18 路混合信號 GPIO 及高級外設
  • 開源設計
  • 即時操作系統 (FreeRTOS)
  • 軟體AP設置
  • FCC、CE 及 IC認證


  • Particle Photon x1







Particle’s Photon, is a tiny Wi-Fi development kit for creating connected projects and products for the Internet of Things (IoT). It is easy to use, powerful and connected to the cloud. Particle combines a powerful ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller with a Broadcom Wi-Fi chip in a tiny thumbnail-size module called the P0 (P-Zero).

To get you started quickly, Particle adds a rock solid 3.3VDC SMPS power supply, RF and user interface components to the P0 on a small single-sided PCB called Photon. The design is open source, so when you are ready to integrate the Photon into your product, you can.

The tools that make up the Photon’s ecosystem (and come along with the board) are designed to let you build and create whether you are an embedded engineer, web developer, Arduino enthusiast or IoT entrepreneur. You’ll be able to write your firmware in Particle web or local IDE, deploy it over the air, and build your web and mobile apps with ParticleJS and our Mobile SDK.

The Photon comes in with headers. Prototyping is easy with headers as the Photon plugs directly into standard breadboards and perfboards, and may also be mounted with 0.1” pitch female headers on PCB.


  • Particle P0 Wi-Fi module
  • Broadcom BCM43362 Wi-Fi chip
  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • STM32F205 120Mhz ARM Cortex M3
  • 1MB flash, 128KB RAM
  • On-board RGB status LED
  • 18 Mixed0signal GPIO and advanced peripherals
  • Open source design
  • Real-time operating system (FreeRTOS)
  • Soft AP setup
  • FCC, CE and IC certified

All Particle Hardware is designed from the ground up to work with the Device Cloud.The Device Cloud is a powerful set of tools and infrastructure to build, connect, and manage your IoT fleet.

Access to the Device Cloud includes:

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Device Cloud Features: 

  • Device Management
  • Over the Air Firmware Updates
  • Fully Managed Connectivity
  • Developer Tools
  • Integrations



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