NFC 近場通訊模塊 相容Arduino DFRobot原廠


NFC 近場通訊模塊 相容Arduino DFRobot原廠

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NFC 近場通訊模塊 相容Arduino

用於Arduino的NFC模塊旨在為基於Arduino的項目或應用程序擴展此強大功能,它集成了Philips的PN532 NFC控制器。該產品的驅動程序接口是微控制器的UART接口。因此,您可以直接通過USB至UART轉換器對其進行測試。另一方面,對於帶有微控制器的應用程序,當通過高速串行uart檢測到NFC標籤,標籤,密鑰卡或卡片時,該模塊會為處理器提供事件。


  • 非接觸式支付系統
  • 藍牙和Wi-Fi連接
  • 社交網絡情況,例如共享聯繫人,照片,視頻或文件
  • 電子身份證件和鑰匙卡
  • 智能手機自動化和NFC標籤



  • 工作電壓:3.3v或5v
  • 主機接口:UART
  • 默認頻段速率:115200 bps
  • 集成PN532 NFC控制器
  • 支持ISO 14443A / MIFARE
  • 僅在讀取器/寫入器模式下支持ISO 14443B
  • 用於檢測NFC標籤的典型最大工作距離為20至50mm,具體取決於標籤的天線尺寸
  • 為13.56MHz的非接觸式通信服務
  • 尺寸:11cm x 5cm(4.33“ x1.97”)



  • NFC Module for Arduino x1
  • NFC貼紙(圓形)x1






NFC Module for Arduino

Your credit cards: gone. Bus pass and train tickets: vanished.Welcome to Near Field Communications (NFC) Module for arduino, a contactless, Wi-Fi-lite style tech that could already be in your smartphone, and could soon be a regular feature of your commute.
Near Field Communications(NFC) is a set of short-range wireless technologies, typically requiring a distance of 10cm or less, for two devices such as smartphones or the similar things very close to each other to establish communication. Communication is also possible between a NFC device and unpowered NFC chips such as tags, stickers, key fobs and cards which do not require batteries.
The NFC Module for Arduino is designed to extend this powerful feature for your project or application based on Arduino.It integrates a PN532 NFC controller from Philips.The driver interface for this product is UART interface of the microcontroller. So it’s possible for you to test it via a USB to UART converter directly. On the other hand, for the applications with microcontroller, the module provides an event for your processor when detects the NFC tags, stickers, key fobs, or cards via high speed serial uart.


  • Contactless payment systems
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections
  • Social networking situations, such as sharing contacts, photos, videos or files
  • Electronic identity documents and keycards
  • Smartphone automation and NFC tags


  • Working Voltage: 3.3v or 5v
  • Host interface: UART
  • Default Band rate: 115200 bps
  • Integrate PN532 NFC controller
  • Supports ISO 14443A/MIFARE
  • Supports ISO 14443B in reader/writer mode only
  • Typical max operating distance for detecting NFC tags from 20 to 50mm depending on the antenna size of the tag
  • Serve for contactless communication at 13.56MHz
  • Size: 11cm x 5cm(4.33″x1.97″)



  • NFC Module for Arduino x1
  • NFC Sticker (Round) x1