Motor Pack 舵機工具包 for Arduino seeed原廠

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Motor Pack 舵機工具包 for Arduino seeed原廠

這是 Arduino 運動學習的完美工具包。無論您的項目是需要直流電機,步進電機還是舵機,都可以在此套件中找到。



  • 6V直流電機(13000轉/分鐘±14%)x2
  • 小步進電機x1
  • 標準伺服x1(轉速:0.17 / 60°{4.8V; 0.14 / 60°{6.0V)/(轉矩:3.5kg.cm@4.8V; 4.8kg.cm@6.0V)
  • 微伺服x1(速度:0.12 / 60°{4.8V; 0.10 / 60°@ 6.0V)/(扭矩:1.5kg.cm@4.8V; 1.8kg.cm@6.0V)



Motor Pack for Arduino

This pack is a perfect kit for motor learning with Arduino.  Whether your project requires a DC motor, a stepper motor, or a steering gear, it can be found in this kit.

Part List

  • 6V DC motor(13000 rpm ±14%)  x2
  • Small stepper motor x1
  • Standard servo  x1(Speed: 0.17/60°@4.8V; 0.14/60°@6.0V)/(Torque: 3.5kg.cm@4.8V;  4.8kg.cm@6.0V)
  • Micro servo  x1(Speed: 0.12/60°@4.8V; 0.10/60°@6.0V)/(Torque: 1.5kg.cm@4.8V;  1.8kg.cm@6.0V)