Inventor’s Kit for RedBot 自走車學習套件 sparkfun原廠代理進口


Inventor’s Kit for RedBot 自走車學習套件 sparkfun原廠代理進口

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用於RedBot的SparkFun Inventor套件是使用Arduino編程語言開始使用兩個電機機器人和傳感器集成的好方法。


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Inventor’s Kit for RedBot 自走車學習套件 sparkfun原廠代理進口

用於RedBot的SparkFun Inventor套件是使用Arduino編程語言開始使用兩個電機機器人和傳感器集成的好方法。用於RedBot的SIK包含了完成九條電路所需的一切,它們將教你如何驅動你的RedBot,遵循線路,遠程控制它,等等。該套件不需要以前的編程或電子設備經驗,但建議您了解或希望了解機器人技術。

SparkFun RedBot是一個很好的方式讓你的腳在機器人世界變得潮濕。但是,一旦你組裝了你的RedBot,你可能會對從那裡去哪裡感到不知所措。 RedBot數字指南的在線SIK(在下面的文檔部分)包含瞭如何連接每個電路並將套件組裝成具有所有包含部件的成熟機器人的分步說明。提供並解釋完整示例代碼,甚至包括故障排除提示。一旦你掌握了每一個實驗,你就可以把你學到的東西應用到創建你自己的機器人平台上。

該套件不需要任何焊接,並且建議任何人對機器人技術感興趣,或者如果您使用了原始的SparkFun Inventor套件,並且正在尋找編程教育的下一步。


Inventor's Kit for RedBot 自走車學習套件


The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for RedBot is a great way to get started with two motor robotics and sensor integration using the Arduino programming language. The SIK for RedBot includes everything you need to complete nine circuits that will teach you how to drive your RedBot, have it follow lines, control it remotely, and more. This kit doesn’t require previous programming or electronics experience but it is recommended that you possess an understanding of or desire to learn about robotics.

The SparkFun RedBot is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of robotics. However, once you have assembled your RedBot, you may be at a loss as to where to go from there. The on-line SIK for RedBot Digital Guide (in the Documents section below) contains step by step instructions of how to connect each circuit and assemble the kit into a full-fledged robot with all of the included parts. Full example code is provided and explained and even includes troubleshooting tips if something goes wrong. Once you’ve mastered each experiment, you can take what you’ve learned and apply it to creating your own robot platform.

The kit does not require any soldering and is recommended for anyone curious about robotics or if you have used the original SparkFun Inventor’s Kit and are looking for the next step in programming education.

Note: The Experiment Guide in the Documents section below includes full example to code to get your RedBot functioning and moving as quickly as possible.、