Grove Shield 擴展板 for Arduino Nano、Seeeduino Nano seeed原廠

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Grove Shield for Arduino Nano 擴展板是為Arduino Nano製作的,也可以與Seeeduino Nano一起使用 。在Grove系統的幫助下,您可以通過簡單的插頭將數百個Grove傳感器,Grove執行器和Grove顯示器連接到Arduino Nano。


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Grove Shield for Arduino Nano、Seeeduino Nano

這款擴展板是為Arduino Nano製作的,也可以與Seeeduino Nano一起使用  。該屏蔽拉出主板的引腳並擴展到8個Grove連接器,包括3個Grove數字連接器,3個Grove模擬連接器,1個Grove I2C連接器和1個Grove UART連接器。

在Grove系統的幫助下,您可以通過簡單的插頭將數百個Grove傳感器,Grove執行器和Grove顯示器連接到Arduino Nano。

Grove Shield for Arduino Nano


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Grove Shield for Arduino Nano

As the name indicate this shield is made for Arduino Nano, but it also can be used with Seeeduino Nano. This shield pulls out the pins of the motherboard and expands to 8 Grove connectors, including 3 Grove digital connectors, 3 Grove analog connectors, 1 Grove I2C connector, and 1 Grove UART connector.

With the help of the Grove system, you can connect hundreds of Grove sensors, Grove actuators and Grove displays to the Arduino Nano with a simple plug.