Gravity: 氧化還原電位感測器 Analog ORP Sensor Meter DFRobot原廠

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Gravity: 氧化還原電位感測器 Analog ORP Sensor Meter

在對健康和安全的不斷增長的需求和認識中,水已成為適當消毒處理的重點,因為工業化的後遺症可能會導致直接接觸而污染水的危險。水是接觸的關鍵控制點,在這裡適當的治療可以大大減少這些微生物,從而減少患病和污染的機會。儘管傳統ORP儀表很難獲得或使用,但該模擬ORP儀表是適用於Arduino的高度緊湊的ORP監控系統。這種設計配置使用戶可以準確地監視ORP,而不必在設計中添加任何其他電路或組件。僅使用簡單的接線和編程即可與Analog ORP Meter進行通信。 您也可以檢查。






  • 水質檢測
  • 水產養殖
  • 海洋科學
  • 水培園藝
  • 普通化學



  • 模組電源:+ 5.00V
  • 模組尺寸:40mmX27mm(1.57“ x1.06”)
  • 測量範圍:-2000mV—2000mV
  • 適用溫度:5-70℃
  • 精度:±10mv(25℃)
  • 響應時間:≤20sec
  • 帶BNC連接器的ORP探頭
  • PH2.0接口(3腳貼片)
  • 調零按鈕
  • 電源指示燈




  • ORP探針(BNC連接器)x1
  • ORP探針電路板 x1
  • 模擬電纜 x1





Gravity: Analog ORP Sensor Meter For Arduino

In the ever-increasing need and awareness for health and safety, water has become a focus point for proper disinfection treatment as aftereffects of industrialization can become a danger for contamination of water via direct contact. Water is a critical control point of contact where proper treatment can greatly reduce these microbes, thereby reducing the chances of illness and pollution.   While traditional ORP meters are hard to get or use, this Analog ORP Meter is a highly compact ORP monitoring system that fits into your Arduino. This design configuration allows the user to accurately monitor ORP without having to add any additional circuitry or components to your design. Communication with the Analog ORP Meter is done using only simple wiring and programing.
ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) is a measure of the ability of oxidation and reduction of aqueous solution, characterization of oxidizing or reducing the relative degree. Unlike a pH measurement that follows a logarithmic curve and therefore requires more calibration adjustments, ORP follows a linear relationship and does not need instrument adjustment as much as it needs electrode maintenance. ORP has proven to be a reliable method of measuring water quality and provides the operator with a single value of measurement regardless of which product, commodity, operation, treatment or sanitizer is used, and regardless of varying field conditions or method by which chemical is applied.


  • Water Quality Testing
  • Aquaculture
  • Marine Science
  • Hydroponic Gardening
  • General Chemistry


  • Module Power:+5.00V
  • Module Size: 40mmX27mm(1.57″x1.06″)
  • Measuring Range:-2000mV—2000mV
  • Suitable Temperature:5-70℃
  • Accuracy:±10mv (25 ℃)
  • Response Time:≤20sec
  • ORP Probe with BNC Connector
  • PH2.0 Interface(3 foot patch)
  • Zero calibration button
  • Power Indicator LED



  • ORP probe (BNC connector) x1
  • ORP probe circuit board x1
  • Analog cable x1